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Straighten That Cap, Bend That Brim, Clean That Thing Off

Completing a three-post arc for old white guys, here are examples of the single worst fashion trend in Major League Baseball: the skewed cap.

The common thread in the Skewed Cap, Civil War Re-Enactor Beard and Idiotic Necklace trends is this: you look like dorks.

What Are Major League Players Wearing Around Their Necks?

Almost as bad as the Civil War re-enactor beard trend in Major League Baseball is the proliferation of necklaces. Gold chains, ropes and other ridiculous-looking accoutrements are the order of the day in 2015, perhaps more so than ever.

With the World Series underway, please to enjoy this collection of three dozen baseball chains.

A Dozen Bad Baseball Beards

In honor of the World Series, which begins tomorrow night, here’s a look at twelve really bad baseball beards.

The Civil War re-enactor beard trend has to stop.

Shirts Happen

It’s not a big controversy, but I found it slightly interesting that FC Kansas City’s uniforms (the first to be unveiled in the new National Women’s Soccer League) bear the logo of a local boxing club, while Portland Thorns FC had to discontinue selling a t-shirt with the (clever and mildly ribald) slogan, “Feelin’ Thorny?”… (read more)


One of American soccer’s most storied and celebrated names returns in 2012 as the (new) NASL’s Tampa Bay team recently re-acquired its traditional name and logos after a protracted legal battle. The original Rowdies were my first soccer love, the team of my youth, my pride and joy, the Bay area’s first major professional team… (read more)

New Look For The Phoenix Mercury

The local WNBA team will have a new look for 2011. Supposedly the new threads are “30 percent lighter and dry twice as fast as previous WNBA uniforms.” It’s not a huge departure from what they were wearing. The number is solid orange rather than white with orange trim or yellow with purple trim, the… (read more)

Life In The Past Lane

Here’s a new one: the new old indoor soccer team in Wichita will do something I don’t believe has been done before. Not take the name of a former club, that’s been done to death. But the dispute over the trademark of the Wichita Wings indoor soccer team has been resolved with two claimants of… (read more)

Timbers FC Hates America

Did anybody else notice this on the Fox Soccer Channel broadcast of the Colorado Rapids/Portland Timbers match Saturday night? That’s Portland’s Rodney Wallace flying the Stars and Stripes upside down on his sleeve early in the match. Section 8 of the U.S. Flag Code says: “(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union… (read more)