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Once Is A Mistake; Twice Is A Problem

The first thing I thought when I read that the Steelers had been awarded a phantom first down in their game against the Jets Sunday was, “Wow. Two weeks in a row.” Then I read the story and saw it was Pete Morelli’s crew that made the mistake. The same crew that gave the Redskins… (read more)

Five Down Territory

It turned out not to matter, and not a lot of you saw it happen (few who did are likely to care), but the Washington Redskins apparently did get an extra down and used it to score their nearly-game-tying touchdown against Tampa Bay yesterday. Only one of the stranger endings to an NFL game that… (read more)

He Fought The Law And HE Won

By now you’ve seen this goal by DC United’s Jaime Moreno, which came when Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz got a bit flummoxed and dropped the ball, which Moreno cashed in for the tying goal Saturday. On Monday, US Soccer referee guru Paul Tamberino said the goal shouldn’t have been allowed, and Moreno should have… (read more)

Quick Trigger

My man Kenny Stern pointed me to this, a red card in the first 15 seconds of a Copa Libertadores match yesterday. Striker Ze Carlos of Cruzeiro was sent off for this elbow to the head of Atletico Mineiro’s Renan. Judge for yourself.

Four At The Back – Episode 4

The new episode of Four At The Back features discussion of MLS officiating, a visit with Chivas USA’s Jesse Marsch, theories on lagging MLS attendance and the US Soccer Supporters Club. Download the show here, send us your feedback and go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast if you like it. Four At The… (read more)

One Reason I Don’t Officiate Basketball Anymore

One of the big reasons, actually. This is just sad. Dear parents: at the scholastic (high school and below) level, the court or the field is an extension of the classroom. We’re trying to teach and to provide a positive experience for young people while being involved in a sport we (well, most of us)… (read more)

I Made The Super Bowl! (Sorta)

One of my high school officiating assignments this year took me to Moon Valley High School in Phoenix. It’s notable for the fact that they took the complete grass field out of the University of Phoenix Stadium after Super Bowl 42 and transplanted it to the school’s football stadium. It’s a nice field, consistent and lined well…. (read more)

Not-So Mellow Yellow

Show Botafogo’s Andre Luis yellow and he sees red. Go figure.

Let Me Save You Some Time

If you’re like me, you probably can tell that a column in the Kansas City Star with the headline “Bad call spoils all the good for the Chiefs” was probably written by none other than crap columnist Jason Whitlock. Whitlock, who has made a career out of fighting The Man (and apologizing for Jeff George),… (read more)