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If Lovie Smith Got Fired, It Wouldn’t Be Unprecedented, But Nearly So

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 1-5 under new head coach Lovie Smith, and two of the five losses have been humiliating blowouts. Smith is in the first year of a four-year deal, and as the Bucs’ third head coach in the six years post-Jon Gruden, was supposed to bring stability to the position, so it’s unlikely he’ll… (read more)

Oh, It’s NFL Season

Fun with EA Sports’ Madden Giferator. I’m thinking the Bucs will be better in 2014 (better being 5-11 or 6-10) just because Lovie Smith is a competent NFL coach and they have a pretty good defense and some receivers who might be able to make Josh McCown look mediocre.

Fun Facts About The Last 100 NFL Coaching Hires

With Tampa Bay’s official announcement of their hiring of Lovie Smith as their new head coach, I thought I’d publish something I worked on a while back but never got around to making public: data on where NFL teams look (and to whom) when hiring a new head coach. Just because round numbers are fun,… (read more)

Once Is A Mistake; Twice Is A Problem

The first thing I thought when I read that the Steelers had been awarded a phantom first down in their game against the Jets Sunday was, “Wow. Two weeks in a row.” Then I read the story and saw it was Pete Morelli’s crew that made the mistake. The same crew that gave the Redskins… (read more)

Five Down Territory

It turned out not to matter, and not a lot of you saw it happen (few who did are likely to care), but the Washington Redskins apparently did get an extra down and used it to score their nearly-game-tying touchdown against Tampa Bay yesterday. Only one of the stranger endings to an NFL game that… (read more)

Why Chris Myers Bugs The Hell Out Of Me

Yesterday, just over three minutes to play, Tampa Bay leads San Francisco 21-0. Myers: “So on fourth down, they’re going to punt it back to the 49ers, who will try and at least get on the scoreboard to avoid that home shutout.” 36 seconds later, after the punt, he turns to his partner, Kurt Warner… (read more)

NFL = No Fun Live

I think today may have been the first NFL game I have attended as a fan since about 1996…no, wait, 2000 (thanks to my awesome girlfriend, Brenda). Anyway, I’m thrilled the Bucs beat the Cardinals in a wild game that maybe wouldn’t have been that wild if Raheem Morris weren’t the dumbest man in America…. (read more)