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And We’re (Pretty Much) Back

If you’re reading this, it means the blog is back where you are, thanks to the magic of DNS. Last Tuesday night, I couldn’t reach this site. It happens from time to time; sometimes it’s my internet connection, sometimes it’s a hiccup at the hosting provider, and always it has worked itself out after a… (read more)

Pardon Our Dust (UPDATED)

You’ll notice some things changing, format-wise around here for the next few days while I play around with a new theme. Bear with us. UPDATE: There were some things about that theme I liked, but a bunch of things I didn’t like, so now I’m trying this one.

That’s A Rehabbin’

Dear Friends: I would like to take a moment to announce that I have an addiction, and in an effort to shift the blame from myself to a trendy illness save my lucrative gigs and endorsements the things I hold most dear, I will be entering rehab to deal with what’s behind the fun stuff… (read more)

An Apology to Brian Quarstad

He’s a hard-working guy who wants the best for soccer, and I didn’t handle the whole situation very well at all. So I offer a complete and utter retraction and apology for not handling the situation better and for calling him a no-talent hack. He could have been more thorough, but I could have been… (read more)

Remiss I Have Been

Sorry you’ve not heard from me in a while. I was in an auto accident over the weekend and I’m focusing on getting everything sorted with that.

Off My Feed

Okay, Feedburner and iTunes are pissing me off. My man Dave Lifton came through with instructions on how to get Four at the Back on iTunes using Feedburner, so I did that (or so I thought) and it appears to be set up, but iTunes isn’t getting the second episode. So I started a dedicated… (read more)