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Taking Attendance 11/27/2015: First Look At MASL Crowds

Now that every team in the Major Arena Soccer League has played at least one home game, let’s take a quick look at the announced attendance figures for our latest attempt at a top-flight indoor soccer league in this country: Team G Total Average Median High Low Baltimore 3 16,786 5,595 4,140 9,442 3,204 St…. (read more)

Splitsville, Six Years Later

Six years ago today, a group of soccer team owners broke ranks from United Soccer Leagues (USL) with the intent of creating their own league. The drama that played out over the next several months gave birth to what we now know as the second division North American Soccer League (NASL), brought forth rigorous (some… (read more)

Taking Attendance 11/1/2015: NASL Sets DII Record, Up 7 Percent

With the North American Soccer League season ending earlier today, all three divisions of the men’s pro outdoor game in this country have completed their regular seasons, and each has set a new average attendance record for their level. The NASL’s final (unofficial) average of 5,913 broke their own Division II record set last year… (read more)

Taking Attendance 10/26/2015: MLS Up 13%, Draws Seven Million, Averages 21k

NOTE: Thanks to Neil Morris for the shoutout and thanks to alert readers for helping track down the Columbus Crew Discrepancy. Numbers will change slightly after I re-run them, but the gist remains. Sunday was #decisionday in Major League Soccer (though not much was decided – what are you gonna do?), and the final day… (read more)

Taking Attendance 10/4/2015: USL First Division III League To Draw A Million

The United Soccer League‘s 2015 postseason is building to a crescendo after its regular season hit a high note for American third division soccer. The USL became the first Division III league to draw a million fans over the course of a season, topping by about 50 percent the previous high, set last year. Yes,… (read more)

Taking Attendance 9/7/2015: NWSL Up 23% From A Year Ago

The third National Women’s Soccer League regular season finished up this weekend, and the good news is the league’s final (unofficial) attendance average – 5,053 – is the highest for a women’s pro league since the WUSA’s swan song in 2003. It surely was at least partially fueled by excitement over the US Women’s National… (read more)

Taking Attendance 8/3/2015: It’s Pro Time

This week, we take a look at all 55 men’s professional clubs (in MLS, the NASL and the USL) to see where they all rank in terms of average attendance. While in the past there have been instances where lower-division clubs have drawn higher average announced attendances than an MLS club or two, the top… (read more)

Taking Attendance 7/20/2015: One Giant Leap For Division III

Forty-six years after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the United Soccer League is going where no Division III soccer league has gone before. The USL currently projects to draw over a million fans in total for the 2015 season, something that’s never happened at the DIII level. Through games of July 19, here’s a… (read more)