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Taking Attendance 3/3/2015: (Almost) Final MASL Numbers

The first Major Arena Soccer League season is over and the playoffs have begun. Actually, the playoffs began before the season ended, which is just another reason why this is the worst league ever. But here are the (nearly final, only seven data points missing, one of which we’re never going to get) attendance numbers… (read more)

Deja U

When Major League Soccer went through its MLS NEXT re-branding last September, I thought it was both the nadir of soccer design and the zenith of soccer pretentiousness. Apparently not. (Warning: video and audio launch automatically, which I hate on any website. If you do, too, beware.) United Soccer Leagues unveiled the new look for… (read more)

Worst. League. Ever.

I should probably write something soccer-related, as most of you are used to that and probably don’t care about me replaying the 1932 baseball season with a card-and-dice game. Fair enough. As one of only a handful of American indoor soccer historians, I feel confident and justified in saying that the new Major Arena Soccer… (read more)

Taking Attendance 12/30/2014: Tubular

That’s as in “going down the tubes,” which one Major Arena Soccer League team has already done and others seem poised to. In this final check of attendance for calendar year 2014, we see things aren’t going well in a lot of markets in the only pro indoor soccer league left. Team G Total Average… (read more)

Taking Attendance 12/15/2014: Brave New (Indoor) World

Now that everyone in the new Major Arena Soccer League has played at least one home game, we can take a look at where the 23-team circuit’s teams stand in terms of announced attendance. Here are the numbers through last night: Team G Total Average Median High Low Rochester 2 14,033 7,017 7,017 8,214 5,819… (read more)

To Die And Live In L.A.

The ten year experiment that was Chivas USA is no more, and a new Los Angeles franchise in Major League Soccer will replace the erstwhile Goats in 2017. Failure or not, depending on who’s doing the remembering, Chivas USA wasn’t going to be a help to anyone going forward, and with a well-financed ownership group… (read more)

Taking Attendance 11/3/2014: NASL Sets New Division II Record

We are truly living in a golden age for professional outdoor soccer in this country. All three men’s professional levels of the game set new average attendance records this season, with Major League Soccer drawing 19,149 a game, USL Pro breaking the 3,000-a-game mark and now, the North American Soccer League setting a new record… (read more)