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If Lovie Smith Got Fired, It Wouldn’t Be Unprecedented, But Nearly So

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 1-5 under new head coach Lovie Smith, and two of the five losses have been humiliating blowouts. Smith is in the first year of a four-year deal, and as the Bucs’ third head coach in the six years post-Jon Gruden, was supposed to bring stability to the position, so it’s unlikely he’ll… (read more)

Kemo Sadly

There’s a moment about an hour into Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger where Johnny Depp‘s Tonto turns to the titular masked man and says, “Don’t be stupid.” If only someone had thought to tell Verbinski that. The latest update of the story of the Masked Rider of the Plains is, quite literally, the single dumbest… (read more)

Star Trek Cash In To Darkness

The alternate timeline device in 2009’s reboot of the Star Trek franchise gave director J.J. Abrams license to take the series anywhere he wanted. Unfortunately, he apparently wanted to take it to 1982. (Spoiler alert – you might not want to go past the jump if you haven’t seen this one yet.)