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A Home For The Tarpons

New Al Lopez Field

With Opening Day in TSL just around the corner, construction is complete on a home for my team, the Tampa Tarpons. (And no public money was necessary for construction of this ballpark!)

The first ballpark I made, early last month, was fairly rudimentary, but I learned a lot during its design and construction. I applied many of those lessons to a second park inspired by the Polo Grounds that was visually interesting but didn’t really satisfy my desire for a quality dice-rolling and imagination experience. I wanted to have something that looked good, that was a challenge to build, that offered a good environment for rolling dice and playing APBA Baseball and would inspire some good memories.

Those who know me well know of my nostalgic affection for Al Lopez Field, the former spring training/Florida State League ballpark in my hometown of Tampa. My friends and I would go to see the Cincinnati Reds play in the spring and the FSL’s Tampa Tarpons play in the summer. (There are more good photos of the place here.)

My objective wasn’t to create a replica of the original Al Lopez Field (named after the Tampa native and Hall of Famer), but to pay homage to it with a new space that would work and the construction of which would allow me to be creative.

After the jump, you can see photos of the construction process and take a video tour of the place.

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Rolling The Dice In The Draft (UPDATED)

For the first time in 30 years, I’m in an APBA Baseball league. My team, the Tampa Tampa Tarpons, plays in TSL, which has been around for…well, seemingly forever, since the early days of play-by-mail leagues. I inherited a team that went 81-77 last season and missed the playoffs, and the draft (which started last… (read more)

APBA32: The Big Hur(s)t

One of the joys of my My APBA mini-replay of the 1932 baseball season is learning about events and players about which I had little or no knowledge. (Learning is good, y’all!) One such player is Phillies’ firstbaseman Don Hurst (right), who is leading the National League in hitting at the moment with a robust… (read more)

1981 World Series Replay Game 5

The 1981 World Series is memorable for coming at the end of a season interrupted by a 59-day players’ strike, George Steinbrenner‘s bizarre maybe-it-happened-maybe-it-didn’t encounter with Dodger fans in an elevator and Dave Winfield’s 1-for-22 performance that set the stage for his owner later calling him “Mr. March.” My APBA replay of the 1981 World… (read more)

Down The Rabbit Hole With A Long-Dead Ballplayer

I’ve recently acquired the 1932 set of APBA baseball cards, and while going through them, I found a very interesting story. Apparently the St. Louis Browns of ’32 had a thirdbaseman named Jim McLaughlin (I stopped for a second because I have a friend with the same name.) Turns out Mr. McLaughlin received a card… (read more)