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A Choice To Make

You and I have a choice to make. You, me, all of us. In the wake of yet another mass shooting, we must choose. Either we decide now, today, that we are not going to stand for this anymore, that we are going to heal the wounds of hatred that beget violence, or we accept… (read more)

“Sports In Perspective” For $100, Alex

Sports is/are this big, goofy, fun contrivance that (from the non-participant’s standpoint) exist(s) solely for our entertainment. It’s not a referendum on us as a people or a culture or a species if the fourth- and fifth-place teams play for the championship of something. We’re not going to get blown to bits by aliens or… (read more)

Sometimes A Fantasy…

So the NFL season began last night with the Cowboys beating the Giants, 24-17, but the top story on this morning is about signing up for Fantasy Football. Again, my annual public service announcement: fantasy football isn’t football. It’s fucking algebra.

Doing The Business

Let’s say you ran a small business. It doesn’t matter what industry, just a small business, a start-up, still young. You’re still trying to make it work, still losing money, still hoping you can find a committed local investor who will put some money into the thing. So you work on this one project for… (read more)

I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything, But…

I’m taking a hiatus from social media and blogging until the end of the year, but I just had to respond to this column from Christine Brennan in USA Today. It’s part of the whole cottage industry of “Let’s Come Up With As Much Punishment as we Can For Penn State” that’s been so prevalent… (read more)


Just a quick note: The University of South Florida is actually in Central Florida. A Canadian team once won back-to-back American League championships. Duke basketball has played in the NCAA’s West Region five times and its Midwest Region four times. Neither the New York Giants nor New York Jets play in New York, and the… (read more)

Independent’s Day

This morning I filed the paperwork to officially leave the Republican party. To add “which has been my home for the last 28 years” would be inaccurate; while I’ve been a registered Republican since turning 18, I’ve gradually slid toward the center over time and have voted my conscience rather than just my party much… (read more)

FC That

Today’s announcement that there will be an NASL team in Edmonton in 2011 was notable for a couple of reasons: The team isn’t going to go retro and be (at least officially) called the “Drillers.” It will apparently just be called “FC Edmonton.” If you’re keeping track, that gives us an FC-load of North American… (read more)

Things That Are Bulls***.

Building a statue to Bud Selig. Un-retiring a retired number. Claiming sex addiction. Bill Cowher’s continued bellowing yesterday that the NFL overtime rule has to be changed. As if the current rule is that the team that wins the coin flip gets to go out there with its offense and the other team doesn’t get… (read more)

My Letter To SIRIUS XM

November 10, 2009 Mr. Joe Zarella Chief Service Officer SIRIUS XM Radio PO Box 1783 South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Dear Mr. Zarella: I’m in receipt of your letter of last week (a copy of which is attached), and I only have one question: Are you insane? Honestly, this letter will be the fourth time I’ve… (read more)