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Planet Houston?

I admit – I’ve never been a big fan of Houston, Texas. It’s been about 10 years since I was last there (the very last game in the history of the Indiana Twisters, in fact), but I don’t think I’ve ever been there when it wasn’t oppressively hot. It’s supposed to be in the 80s… (read more)

Oh, Shut Up!

I missed this yesterday, but it jumped out at me this morning: the Naperville Sun, the local paper here, reported Wednesday that a study found that teenagers in this affluent Chicago suburb are stressed out because of “too much competition, too many activities and living up to that perfect image.” When it comes to living… (read more)

The Lords of Discipline

Major League Soccer cracked down on some thuggery on Wednesday, suspending and/or fining three players for misbehavior in games last week. Columbus forward Andy Herron drew the worst of it, as he was suspended for four games and fined $3,000 for a vicious elbow to the face of New England’s Jay Heaps last Thursday night…. (read more)

No, Canada

I’m glad Toronto FC is in Major League Soccer. Really, I am. Toronto is a great city. They have a sparkling new stadium that makes its debut this weekend, they’ve sold 14,000 season tickets and it represents another step in the growth of the league and the game in North America. But, Holy Stephen Brunt,… (read more)

A Sign of the Times

Phil Anschutz is soccer’s international man of mystery, but it’s also a mystery how within this otherwise good (if fairly standard) piece dated yesterday about the elusive head of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (and owner of three MLS teams), Graham Bowley of the New York Times wrote: Although British tabloids have been filled with accounts… (read more)

The Ancient Mariner

Still 41 but no longer a rookie, I made my spring training debut for my men’s 38+ baseball team, the Mariners of the Chicago Central Suburban Men’s Senior Baseball League, on Sunday. It was only an inning, but it was encouraging (especially after going 0-2 with a 9.79 ERA as a rookie). I got the… (read more)

Forward Thinking

With the Chicago Fire having scored just twice in two matches to start the Major League Soccer season (and only one tally from a forward, Chad Barrett’s late equalizer Sunday in Colorado), Fire fans may be wondering where goals are going to come from this season. Staten Island, maybe? I’m certain this deal isn’t in… (read more)

Where Have All The Numbers Gone?

The Sports Attendance Database stuff and the MLS Attendance Analysis will be back eventually, folks, so relax. I’m working on how best to streamline the site, which had gotten out of hand, and how best to update and present all that attendance information. I’ll get it sorted, trust me.