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Much Adieu About Nothing

What a difference 7+ months makes. Real Salt Lake’s (then-) coach, John Ellinger, on December 11, 2006, after his team acquired midfielder Freddy Adu from DC United: “We know for certain he’s here for the entire 2007 season.” Real Salt Lake’s (then-) general manager, my man Steve Pastorino, that same day: “While it’s not absolute,… (read more)

Now Pitching: Common Sense

Family withdraws lawsuit in Hancock case. Like I said before, the guy responsible is Josh Hancock. I don’t claim the moral high ground on a lot of things, but you drink, you drive, you die, you suck.

Do Not Adjust Your Set

ESPN2 will cover the LA Galaxy’s game at Toronto this weekend and will dump the August 16th New England at Colorado telecast. Get ready for another Beckhamfest from ESPN. Hopefully he’ll actually start this time and spare us all the ridiculous Willis Reed references.

Who’s Up, Who’s Down?

The latest MLS attendance figures, ranked by percentage change from the same number of home dates a year ago: 2007 2006 Team G Total Average G Total Average % Diff. NER 8 117,430 14,679 8 84,914 10,614 38.3% COL 9 134,330 14,926 9 116,277 12,920 15.5% LAG 8 180,684 22,586 8 157,896 19,737 14.4% DCU… (read more)

Spaced Out

And so I’m back….from outer space…. My daughter and I spent the weekend at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Good times. If you have ever thought about being an astronaut, or if your kids have, take them. We met some great people and had a lot of fun.

You Only Sing When You’re Writing Run-on Sentences

From the Sunday Herald in Scotland (is it published every day?) on tonight’s MLS All-Star match against Celtic: Steve Nicol, the long-serving and successful coach of the New England Revolution, will grace the dug-out for the occasion as a reward for his side’s excellent early-season form, and Celtic must be wary if they are not… (read more)

This Is Gonna Cost The San Jose Frogs Some Fans

Well, this is good news. Welcome back, San Jose. Missed ya. Now, all of you who swore that MLS was dead to you when ‘Quakes 2.0 moved to Houston in late 2005 (especially that Nick Arellano guy who swore that San Jose was too good for MLS) are precluded from attending games next season. Sorry…. (read more)

What he said…

As usual, Dan Loney says what I’m thinking, but says it better and funnier (and more concisely, brevity being the soul of wit and all). Seriously, tourists belong in Florida.

Remember, Mark Cuban Is Better Than You

The story from the other day that Mark Cuban has applied to purchase the Cubs could be looked at as good news. The guy’s rich. He wants to win. He is not afraid to spend money in that quest, and he’s very fan-friendly. But then Mark went and ruined it with this: Cuban’s efforts to… (read more)

I’d Get One, But…

I’m afraid three wise men would start following me around. It’s the Galaxy’s new jersey, one designed especially for Troy Roberts, of course.