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Archive for September 2007

Claws Out

Hi, remember us? We’re Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy. We won exactly one World Cup in the last 15 years, and that was only because Kristine Lilly headed one off the line and Briana Scurry moved off her line before a penalty kick without getting caught. So, of course, we’re kinda upset that the US… (read more)

Kickin’ It on Route 66

Back in the day, Route 66 stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles. Immortalized in film, song and on television, it remains a part of our heritage more than 20 years after it was officially decomissioned by the US government. While moving from Illinois to Arizona, I had the chance to drive a good portion of… (read more)

Hope Duo

Now, if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know how I feel about US National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo (right). I just felt it was fair, after today’s 4-0 shellacking of the USWNT by Brazil (when did they get good, anyway?), that I present the two personalities of Ms. Solo as… (read more)

Dave Checketts, Cartographer

From an interview in the Deseret Morning News with Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts: DMN: You’ve said you think the Sandy stadium is going to be the best in MLS. I’m sure every owner who’s opened a stadium thinks his stadium is going to be the best, so why do think Utah’s will be… (read more)

And, in the end….

My life is changing pretty quickly right about now. Sorry I haven’t been able to update things here, and it’ll be a little while before I can. I look forward to an exciting new life and I’ll update you when I get settled. Take care.