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Dude, Where’s My Left Back?

  One of the great names in soccer history is making a comeback. I don’t know about you, but I totally have the munchies after reading that story.


Okay, whether it’s gamesmanship, coincidence or karma, you have to admit that the fact that Josh Beckett’s ex-girlfriend, Danielle Peck (above right), will sing the National Anthem before Game 5 of the American League Championship Series is just….wrong. And delicious. And schadenfreudenous, to mangle the original German. See, Beckett (above left, obviously)is Boston’s ace. He… (read more)

That Was Then…This Is Now

UPDATE: After the US’ 1-0 win over their Swiss hosts, Ian Plenderleith, who, you may remember, took Bob Bradley to task for his roster, calling it “yet one more wasted opportunity to begin molding the US team that will play in the World Cup qualifiers, actually blogged: “Indeed Bob Bradley coached his side as though… (read more)

Calendar Model

So, over at, someone named Ian Plenderleith thinks it’s essential that Major League Soccer make adjustments to its season calendar to reduce the club vs. country conflicts so endemic to life in soccer. That’s fine. It’s not the first time that sentiment has been expressed. Won’t be the last. But Plenderleith’s supporting arguments are… (read more)

Bring the Buzz

Didn’t you love electric football when you were a kid? I did, even though it really wasn’t that much like football and it was really hard to play. But we loved it anyway. And I love this clip, which combines electric football with really funny filmmaking:

Save It Already

I think by now we’re all a bit tired of the Hope Solo story, but it just won’t die. The Greatest Goalkeeper You’ll Never Hear Of Again TM is still a hot topic in the soccer world, two weeks after she threw her coach and a teammate under the bus in a hissy fit over being… (read more)

Seismic Shift

The Earthquakes will be back, which is good news for a lot of reasons: I liked going to San Jose, I thought it was unfortunate when the ‘Quakes had to move to Houston and it gets us back to an even number of teams in MLS, which helps us avoid the nightmare scheduling we had… (read more)