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I get the honor of calling the first home game in the history of the New Jersey Ironmen of the Major Indoor Soccer League Saturday night on Sportsnet New York. Sal Rosamila and I will broadcast this historic game (which will feature an appearance by — and a halftime interview with, I’m told — Pele… (read more)

Lords of Baltimore

I love sports museums. Just love ’em. So when my dad and I had a chance to visit not one, but two in the same day on a recent trip to Baltimore, we jumped at it. We found lots of interesting uniforms from a few different sports.

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

See if you can tell who these quarterbacks are based on their stats at similar points in their careers: Quarterback A: 54 games, 920-1528 (60.2%), 10,527 yards, 54 TD, 60 INT, 76.4 rating Quarterback B: 54 games, 460-825 (55.8%), 5,895 yards, 34 TD, 27 INT, 78.4 rating Quarterback C: 52 games, 907-1647 (55.1%), 10,425 yards,… (read more)

A New Angle on an Old Shot

I’ve always dug this shot of Bob Rigby, the first soccer player ever on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Rigby, who went to college in my hometown, led the Philadelphia Atoms to the 1973 North American Soccer League championship and was immortalized on SI’s September 3 cover that year. Thanks to Dave Wasser, the foremost… (read more)

NFL: The “L” Stands For “Levity”

And we could use some about now, right? Anyway, Ricky Williams’ season is apparently over after just six carries. The Dolphin running back suffered a torn chest muscle last night in his first game back from a nearly two-season suspension. Ricky’s problem now will be to convince a doctor that you need medicinal marijuana for… (read more)

The Woman in my Hotel Room

She’s always there. Ever faithful. Eternally available. And I have no idea who she is. I spend a lot (too much) time in hotel rooms on the road while traveling for business, but she’s in more hotel rooms than I am (wipe that smile off your face right now, mister!). She’s there when I arrive…. (read more)