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Know How I Know You’re Gay?

You make constant references in your Sports Illustrated column about how dreamy Tom Brady is. Including this beauty: “Is it my imagination, or does Tom Brady look more stylish 20 minutes after a football game than the rest of us looked on our wedding days?” I don’t know what’s more annoying: the mancrush on Brady… (read more)


From the “learn something new every day” department: This article from Australia, bemoaning the depature of Brazilian soccer player Fred, who went from Melbourne Victory of the A-League to DC United of MLS last spring. Apparently his old club isn’t doing so well without him, but the passage that caught my eye was this: “That… (read more)

After Further Review…

Old and busted: “(NFL) Network spokesman Seth Palansky says there’s ‘zero chance’ of anything happening. He also paraphrases lyrics from singer Carrie Underwood, saying there’s as much chance of anything being changed as there is of ‘raindrops going back into clouds.’” New hotness: “We have taken this extraordinary step because it is in the best… (read more)

Third Time the Charm?

When we last left my APBA simulation of the 1953 World Series, the Yankees had won the first two games at home (10-1 and 6-2). But the Dodgers were coming home to Ebbets Field (right), where they had gone 60-17 during the regular season on the way to a franchise-best 105 wins. In the actual… (read more)

“Let me ask you this…what’s next for Stu Nahan?”

  Nothing, unfortunately, because the longtime sportscaster (perhaps best known to some of you as the announcer in the Rocky movies, best known to me from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) passed away Wednesday at the age of 81. The guy was still on TV in LA at the age of 73! That’s amazing (as… (read more)

Lowe High?

Oh, come on, like that’s not the first thing you thought of when you heard that former MLS player Onandi Lowe had been caught with…um…a bit of ganja in his car. Well, maybe not the first thing. The first thing was probably, “42 joints?” and the second thing was probably, “That’s illegal in Jamaica?” Since… (read more)

Headline Act is so much fun. Actual headline: “Beckham begins training with Arsenal.” Actual quote from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger inside actual story: “There’s a good chance that he will come in January, but it’s not decided.”