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Yes, We Really Did Think This Way Once

It may not be this year, but the day is coming when the US will have a female president. Which will no doubt really tick off the authors of this 1943 primer in Transportation Magazine (assuming they’re still alive).  Click on the image for the full version.


Two posts on this topic in, and already I’m running out of Philadelphia headlines. This doesn’t bode well. Anyway, the league that’s never going to survive will have grown 60% from 2004 to 2010, thanks to today’s announcement that Philadelphia will be Major League Soccer’s 16th club. They didn’t announce the name, colors or anything… (read more)

Some People Collect Stamps….

The latest addition to my collection of American soccer bobbleheads is Antonio Sutton of the California Cougars, courtesy of my man Greg Young, Jr. This is actually my second Sutton bobblehead – they made one of him when he was with the Cleveland Force. Anyway, speaking of adding to one’s collection, I hear rumors that… (read more)


It’s commercials like this that sometimes make me wish I was still working in advertising, just for the laughs.

What’s In This Name?

The reports that inappropriate douchebag maverick owner Sam Zell would have no problem selling naming rights to Wrigley Field have caused, let’s say, plenty of consternation in Chicago and the baseball world. (First off, let’s be honest here: is this really a surprise? Any guy who will tell an employee “F*** you” – now with… (read more)

I Thee Wed(nesday)

Things that have caught my eye today while wondering if the founding fathers really saw this one coming: Myron Cope has died at the age of 79. While I wasn’t a fan (it’s a Pittsburgh thing, I reckon), I can appreciate the impact he had on a generation or two of Steeler fans and can… (read more)

There are Those Who Call Him…Tim?

One of the highlights of the time I spent working for a club in the United Soccer Leagues system was getting to work with Tim Holt, who’s now the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the whole shebang. Even back in 1999, it was obvious he was a sharp guy going places –… (read more)

Told U

I said the United Football League would never play a game. It looks more and more likely that that’s the case, now that their kickoff has been pushed back to 2009 and their big announcement to “late March” after it was originally supposed to be in the first week of February. They’re supposed to announce… (read more)


Attendance Geek here again…with numbers from the 2007 Cactus League season from this morning’s Arizona Republic: Team G Total Average Chicago Cubs (Mesa) 16 175,891 10,993 San Francisco (Scottsdale) 14 148,988 10,642 Seattle (Peoria) 16 126,137 7,884 San Diego (Peoria) 14 100,061 7,147 Los Angeles Angels (Tempe) 15 105,869 7,058 Oakland (Phoenix) 14 95,058 6,790… (read more)