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Let’s Twist Again…

…like we did in 1996. I just dug up this video clip from the inaugural season of the Indianapolis Twisters in the CISL. This one is from the team’s first win ever, against the Houston Hotshots on July 5, 1996 (thanks to four goals from Oswaldo Monroy).

Thursday Doesn’t Even Start

(I had originally planned a Cure thing here, but I didn’t follow through with Tuesday and Wednesday, so here we are. These things caught my eye today:) Peter highlights a fan taken from us too soon, and his devotion to his club [Peter Wilt] You don’t read much about agents, so this piece by Steve… (read more)

Juicy Stuff

It is entirely possible that Jose Canseco is the dumbest man in America. If you followed his Major League Baseball career at all, you knew that he wasn’t the sharpest syringe in the bag to begin with, but this remarkable, scathing first-person account by the great Pat Jordan of what Canseco’s life has become post-baseball… (read more)

Desert Dandies

A group of nearly 150 Florida Gator fans enjoyed our team’s 70-57 win over Arizona State Tuesday night in the quarterfinals of the National Invitation Tournament. After the Gators jumped out to an early 17-3 lead, ASU battled back to take a 47-45 lead in the second half. But hot shooting led to a 25-10… (read more)

Well, that’s it then…

The other eight finalists can go home now. Carly Smithson and Michael Johns just made the final two. In my mind, at least.

It’s a Zungul Out There

Another offering from Sports Illustrated’s vault (yeah, you could just search for them yourself, but that wouldn’t be any fun, now, would it?) is this one, from 1983, profiling the great Steve Zungul.You can make a case for several guys if you’re trying to pick the best indoor soccer player ever. The case is strongest… (read more)

United They Stand Alone

Goff reports that there won’t be any more Uniteds in MLS (at least for now – sorry, St.Louis). “There have been a number of teams that have been interested in using the name ‘United’,” (MLS Commissioner Don) Garber said. “Team trademarks are owned by the league, as they are in all professional sports, and we… (read more)

Gray Area

Just in time for tomorrow’s friendly in Poland, the US Men’s National team has – guess what? – another new jersey! This one goes completely off the color palette, with what I originally thought was black, but which my man Aris Ohanessian points out is actually dark charcoal gray. Gray? Come on. I like it… (read more)


The Suns and their fans are a bit upset this morning over what they perceived as bad calls and no-calls in Phoenix’s 110-105 overtime loss in Detroit last night. One of the two key plays is (half) pictured at right – Chauncey Billups driving and colliding with the Suns’ Steve Nash with 1:01 to go… (read more)

Toy Story

Opening Day? Really? Konnichiwa! As another season begins, it looks like Barry Bonds‘ career may be over, so the big number for everyone to shoot at is now 763, one more than the number of home runs Bonds hit in 22 seasons. Alex Rodriguez is the heir apparent to the record, but how much of… (read more)