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Bowling for Dollars

If you needed any evidence that we’re not going to see a college football championship playoff anytime soon, today’s news that college commissioners think it’s a non-starter and that the NCAA approved two more bowl games for next year should suffice. You see where this is trending, right? I’m on record as being in favor… (read more)


First, the cartoon. Later, the rest of the story. EDIT – Here’s the rest of the story: the above cartoon ran in The Sporting News. On November 28, 1988. The more things change….

MLS Week 5: By the Numbers

BASIC NUMBERS   Week Avg. Season Avg. Games 7   35   Players 192 27.4 960 27.4 Goals 21 3 103 2.9 Assists 15 2.1 94 2.7 Shots 182 26 839 24.0 Shots on Goal 76 10.9 377 10.8 Fouls 171 24.4 856 24.5 Offsides 29 4.1 187 5.3 Corners 72 10.3 320 9.1 Saves… (read more)


As anniversaries go, this one is at least more fun than the whole “100 years without a World Series title” thing. 25 years ago today, then-Cubs manager Lee Elia unleashed his infamous postgame tirade against the Wrigley Field faithful (audio here, not even remotely safe for work). It’s a part of Cubs lore, and Elia… (read more)

20/20 Hindsight

With all the hullabaloo about the NFL Draft this weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how the guys from 2003 have panned out. Keep in mind these guys were the subjects of those “This is the guy we wanted” stories five years ago. Most of them have contributed, some have been stars… (read more)

Disney: “Hey, If Anyone’s Going To Exploit Our Child Stars, It’ll Be Us, Thank You Very Much”

So Miley Cyrus is “embarrassed” by the implied-nude pictures of her that will be appearing in June’s Vanity Fair (wow, first the LeBron cover and now this – Vanity Fair just can’t catch a break, can they?). First off, she should be embarrassed. So should Annie Leibowitz. Because Ms. Cyrus looks like she was just… (read more)


Actual subject of an actual email I actually just received: Celebrate Mother’s Day With Gifts From! Are you sure? I mean, my mom and I have had our moments, but you think I want to get her something from For Mother’s Day? Are you insane?

Don’t Make Him Angry…You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

Seriously, Dan‘s a friend, the funniest guy I know and a great fellow if you get to know him. But God forbid he decide to shred you, because when he does, I feel like Miss Jane from Romper Room by comparison. Watch your back, Jack McGee. That’s all I’m sayin’.