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Bowling for Dollars

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College football bowl games bookIf you needed any evidence that we’re not going to see a college football championship playoff anytime soon, today’s news that college commissioners think it’s a non-starter and that the NCAA approved two more bowl games for next year should suffice. You see where this is trending, right?

I’m on record as being in favor of a playoff (as you probably are, too), but it’s just not going to happen. You’ll never come up with a format that pleases everybody and you’ll never get college football to give up the hopelessly archaic system tradition of the bowls.

The arguments against a playoff that get trotted out seemingly every year range from the realistic (fan travel) to the ridiculous (negatively impacting academics). In-between is the reality that too many people are already making a lot of money and won’t give up their self-interests.

$222 million went to schools that went to bowl games last year (about $3.5 million per). A playoff reduces the importance of the bowls and exacerbates the braying of idiots like Scott Cowan and Neil Abercrombie who already complain that they’re not getting their due.

There’s a theory that those who have a vested interest in college football actually want there to be controversy most years, to keep people talking. There’s probably something to that.

But even though fans want to see a playoff (most years, it seems) and there are those in the media who want to see a playoff (though it would keep the talking heads like Jim Nantz from making their oh-so-clever BCS/BS jokes),  the people who’d have to make it happen don’t seem to want to make it happen. Time and again, coaches and commissioners and college presidents decry the idea.

34 winners instead of just one. $222 million to 68 schools instead of more money to fewer schools. Not hard to do the math on this.

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April 30th, 2008 at 3:04 pm

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Awesome Ad

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MISL cartoon

First, the cartoon.

Later, the rest of the story.

EDIT – Here’s the rest of the story: the above cartoon ran in The Sporting News.

On November 28, 1988.

The more things change….

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April 29th, 2008 at 9:13 am

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MLS Week 5: By the Numbers

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  Week Avg. Season Avg.
Games 7   35  
Players 192 27.4 960 27.4
Goals 21 3 103 2.9
Assists 15 2.1 94 2.7
Shots 182 26 839 24.0
Shots on Goal 76 10.9 377 10.8
Fouls 171 24.4 856 24.5
Offsides 29 4.1 187 5.3
Corners 72 10.3 320 9.1
Saves 55 7.9 275 7.9
Cautions 27 3.9 113 3.2
Ejections 0 0 8 0.2
Temp   67.6   62.0
PKs 3 0.4 8 0.2
PKs Att. 3 0.4 10 0.3
Attendance 119,342 17,049 546,387 15,611


Reckless Foul (9): Dyachenko (DC), Franchino (LA), Fred (DC), C Gomez (COL), Hernandez (SJ), Igwe (NE), Olave (RSL), Smith (NE), Talley (RSL)
Professional Foul (3): Corrales (SJ), Moffat (CLB), Thompson (NE)
Dissent (3): Conrad (KC), Gray (COL), Gutierrez (CHI)
Game Disrepute (3): Gallardo (DC), Kovalenko (RSL), Segares (CHI)
Tackle From Behind (2): Boswell (HOU), McDonald (LA)
Delaying a Restart (2): Hejduk (CLB), Hesmer (CLB)
Persistent Infringement (2): H Gomez (COL), Thomas (CHV)
Deliberate Handball (1): Donovan (LA)
Diving/Exaggeration (1): Alvarez (DAL)
Pushing/Holding (1): Garcia (KC)



  Prus Stott Vaughn Toledo
Fouls 25 14 27 29

Cautions 4 1 4 6

Ejections 0 0 0 0

Penalties 0 0 0 2

Stoppage 5:11 3:52 6:58 6:50

  Weyland Marrufo Kennedy  
Fouls 27 19 30  
Cautions 5 4 3  
Ejections 0 0 0  
Penalties 0 0 1  
Stoppage 6:08 4:08 7:14  

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Lee Elia from mopupduty.comAs anniversaries go, this one is at least more fun than the whole “100 years without a World Series title” thing.

25 years ago today, then-Cubs manager Lee Elia unleashed his infamous postgame tirade against the Wrigley Field faithful (audio here, not even remotely safe for work). It’s a part of Cubs lore, and Elia will be back at Wrigley today to mark the occasion.

Of course, it’s a lot funnier now, with the Cubs holding the second-best record in baseball (as Annie Savoy said, “You could look it up“). At the time, it was scandalous – not the kind of thing you heard (or printed) every day. Now it’s cause for a laugh and fond remembrances.

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Okay, THAT’S A Great Goal

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20/20 Hindsight

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With all the hullabaloo about the NFL Draft this weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how the guys from 2003 have panned out.

Keep in mind these guys were the subjects of those “This is the guy we wanted” stories five years ago. Most of them have contributed, some have been stars and a few are out of the league.

# Team Player Pos. College GP GS Note
1 CIN Carson Palmer QB USC 61 61 Starter, two-time Pro Bowler
2 DET Charles Rogers WR Michigan State 15 9 Caught 36 balls in three years and is out of the league.
3 HOU Andre Johnson WR Miami (FL) 70 70 Two-time Pro Bowler. Over 1,000 yards receiving twice. 103 catches in 2006.
4 NYJ Dewayne Robertson DT Kentucky 77 75 Has missed only three games in his career.
5 DAL Terence Newman CB Kansas State 77 75 Pro Bowl 2007. 75 starts in five years. 16 interceptions.
6 NOR Johnathan Sullivan DT Georgia 36 16 Started 12 games as a rookie, out of the league after three years.
7 JAX Byron Leftwich QB Marshall 49 46 Three-year starter in Jacksonville, played three games for Atlanta in 2007, released in February 2008.
8 CAR Jordan Gross OT Utah 80 80 Only first-rounder to start every game since his career began.
9 MIN Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State 78 78 Three-time Pro Bowler. All Pro twice.
10 BAL Terrell Suggs DE/LB Arizona State 80 64 Two-time Pro Bowler. 45 career sacks.
11 SEA Marcus Trufant CB Washington State 78 78 Pro Bowl 2007. 16 interceptions.
12 STL Jimmy Kennedy DT Penn State 56 30 Part-time starter for four years in St.Louis, three games in Chicago in 2007.
13 NEP Ty Warren DE Texas A&M 79 67 Starter since second year.
14 CHI Michael Haynes DE Penn State 42 4 Four starts in three years and then out of the league.
15 PHI Jerome McDougle DE Miami (FL) 33 0 Never started a game. Shot by robbers in 2005. Missed 2007 season with injury.
16 PIT Troy Polamalu S USC 72 56 Four-time Pro Bowler. All Pro in 2005. 10 career interceptions.
17 ARZ Bryant Johnson WR Penn State 77 39 210 catches in five years as a part-time starter.
18 ARZ Calvin Pace DE Wake Forest 67 38 Moved from DE to LB, where he is a starter.
19 BAL Kyle Boller QB California 53 42 Part-time starter.
20 DEN George Foster OT Georgia 64 54 Starter in Denver, went to Detroit in a trade.
21 CLE Jeff Faine C Notre Dame 66 66 Three years in Cleveland, then to New Orleans. Signed with Tampa Bay for 2008.
22 CHI Rex Grossman QB Florida 32 30 Oft-injured. Took team to Super Bowl in fourth year.
23 BUF Willis McGahee RB Miami (FL) 61 55 Three 1,000-yard seasons and a Pro Bowl berth in four years after missing 2003.
24 IND Dallas Clark TE Iowa 67 64 179 career catches, 25 career TDs.
25 NYG William Joseph DT Miami (FL) 55 17 10 starts in 2005. Injured all of 2007 and signed with Raiders for 2008.
26 SFO Kwame Harris OT Stanford 72 44 Started every game in 2005 and 2006.
27 KCC Larry Johnson RB Penn State 56 36 Two-time Pro Bowler, All-Pro once, two seasons of 1700+ yards rushing and 17+ TDs.
28 TEN Andre Woolfolk CB Oklahoma 39 11 Was out of the league in 2007 but has resurfaced with the Jets.
29 GBP Nick Barnett LB Oregon State 78 78 Starter at MLB since arrival.
30 SDC Sammy Davis CB Texas A&M 71 32 Three teams in five years. Traded to San Francisco in 2006, then signed with Tampa Bay, where he played 14 games in 2007.
31 OAK Nnamdi Asomugha CB California 77 54 8 interceptions in 2006. 2nd Team All-NFL by AP.
32 OAK Tyler Brayton DE Colorado 79 48 Reserve defensive end. Signed with Carolina for 2008.

First-round picks should have slightly longer careers than later-round draftees (I don’t know how much longer or if that’s even true, because I haven’t run the numbers, but intuitively, that’s what I’d expect). As you can see, though, this isn’t an exact science, and teams do still miss (sometimes badly) with first-rounders. Remember that when you get all giddy about the guy your team drafted this weekend.

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Disney: “Hey, If Anyone’s Going To Exploit Our Child Stars, It’ll Be Us, Thank You Very Much”

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NY Post front pageSo Miley Cyrus is “embarrassed” by the implied-nude pictures of her that will be appearing in June’s Vanity Fair (wow, first the LeBron cover and now this – Vanity Fair just can’t catch a break, can they?).

First off, she should be embarrassed. So should Annie Leibowitz. Because Ms. Cyrus looks like she was just pulled out of the East River in time for an audition for Lost Boys II: Electric Boogaloo.

I know she’s incredibly precocious. I know she’s very talented. I know she’s going to be worth a kabillion dollars by the time she’s 18. I know she’s an international sensation and on a different plane from your basic, garden-variety 15-year-old.

But she’s fifteen years old. Fifteen. She was born a couple of weeks after Bill Clinton was elected.

In my mind, there’s one person who should take the ultimate responsibility for this: it’s not a 15-year-old girl who is sliding so fast on the Fame Luge that her naturally-suspect decision-making processes are even worse; it’s not a 58-year-old, world-class photographer (though she deserves a bit of backlash, but artists get so full of themselves sometimes that their decision-making processes go all to hell, too); it’s not a 94-year-old magazine; it’s not an 84-year-old media company. Read the rest of this entry »

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My personal information was compromised on and all i got was this lousy t-shirtActual subject of an actual email I actually just received:

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Gifts From!

Are you sure? I mean, my mom and I have had our moments, but you think I want to get her something from For Mother’s Day?

Are you insane?

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Don’t Make Him Angry…You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

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Bill Bixby as the HulkSeriously, Dan‘s a friend, the funniest guy I know and a great fellow if you get to know him.

But God forbid he decide to shred you, because when he does, I feel like Miss Jane from Romper Room by comparison.

Watch your back, Jack McGee. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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