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Calendar Guys

After their sixth straight win Saturday, the Chicago Cubs have the best record in Major League Baseball at 35-21 and lead the National League Central by 2 1/2 games over St. Louis. Sunday, the calendar flips to June, so I thought I’d check and see what happened to the teams that recently had the best… (read more)

Saturday Day Fever

Apologies if the site looks strange or if you can’t always get to it. I don’t know what’s going on with the server. Sorry, out of my control. I AM trying to work on rebuilding all the other features that used to be on the site proper (I know, I’ve been saying that for like… (read more)

6+5 = Something Doesn’t Add Up

  FIFA boss Sepp Blatter’s idea to limit the number of foreign players a soccer team can start a match with beginning in 2012 has met with overwhelming support from FIFA’s latest congress and general disapproval from clubs around the world. The European championships begin next week without the English team. Some pundits point to… (read more)

Back to the Future

Doug Collins is coming back to coach the Bulls? Really? What, Kevin Loughery wasn’t interested? Collins has only been out of the league for six seasons (I had forgotten he coached Michael Jordan with the Wizards), so it’s far from the largest gap between head coaching assignments in NBA history. Here are some guys who were… (read more)

More on Mac and More

Shawn Mitchell reports that it looks like Brian McBride could be heading to Chicago. Meanwhile, John Doyle? The top allocation spot?NoNot yours. Other stuff: Congrats to Andrew Bell, named president of the Charleston Battery of USL-1. Andrew is a good guy and a terrific announcer and I’m sure he’ll do good things there. He’s a soccer… (read more)

Look Out Old Mackie’s Back!

Well, not yet, but Brian McBride is leaving Fulham FC and coming back to America. Or maybe Canada. Depends. See, Toronto FC would have first dibs on the erstwhile Crew striker, as they’re supposedly first up on the Allocation List (though the list on MLS’ own website is almost a year old – nice going,… (read more)

Pobody’s Nerfect

At least now I can say I’ve watched 2.1 seconds of the NBA playoffs. Apparently this non-call caused a bit of consternation last night: Yeah, that’s a foul. Derek Fisher bites on the fake, comes down on Brent Barry’s shoulder, Barry’s torso goes down under the weight and then he comes back up and shoots. That’s a foul on… (read more)

My Kind of Town…

Crazy stories from both sides of Chicago… Orlando Cabrera: Please. Shut up and play. Nobody cares how many errors you make. You do not call the official scorer. The Cubs’ organization: Please. Don’t worry about protecting Alfonso Soriano’s precious psyche. He makes $136 million, he can deal with getting booed. Now, of course, offensive louts… (read more)

Seattle Goes Green

Sounders FC’s X-Box 360-adorned new kit, that they’ll wear in 2009:

Definitely Not A Treat

I know this is (apparently) old, and it’s not Halloween, but I just saw this and it made me laugh.