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We Need a Stinkin’ Badge

A soccer fan from Miami (of all places) has come up with this design for a potential new logo for the Tampa Bay Rowdies, the new USL-1 club that will begin play in 2010 with the same name and colors as the legendary NASL team of the 1970s and 1980s. I quite like it. I… (read more)

Bad Boys

It’s time to check in on disciplinary problems in MLS again. Here’s the latest chart showing the most “popular” cautions and reasons for ejections: CAUTIONS Offense # Pct. Reckless Foul 119 33.8% Tackle From Behind 61 17.3% Pushing/Holding 48 13.6% Dissent 38 10.8% Professional Foul 34 9.7% Game Disrepute 19 5.4% Delaying A Restart 14… (read more)

MLS Week 14: By The Numbers

BASIC NUMBERS   Week Avg. Season Avg. Games 7   100   Players 193 27.6 2,730 27.3 Goals 16 2.3 271 2.7 Assists 10 1.4 244 2.4 Shots 159 22.7 2,312 23.1 Shots on Goal 72 10.3 996 10.0 Fouls 198 28.3 2,569 25.7 Offsides 39 5.6 532 5.3 Corners 55 7.9 943 9.4 Saves… (read more)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The camera can’t do it justice like your eye can, but a wildfire (sparked by lightning) that’s been burning in southwest Phoenix for the last couple of days put a blanket of smoke and ash over parts of downtown Thursday afternoon. It turned the sun into a perfect blood-red disc. A passerby asked me “Does… (read more)

Irony Meter Pegs

Wow. Jay Mariotti thinks Chicago is a better place without Mike North. Chicago was unavailable for comment because it was too busy laughing hysterically at the idea of Mariotti saying that North’s departure from WSCR-AM could be “the beginning of decency, professionalism and couth in Chicago sports radio.” Because, God knows, if there’s one guy… (read more)

Hot Stuff, Baby This Evening

On the one hand, I’ve long been skeptical of forecasts of doom. On the other hand, this will be the 11th straight day where the high temperature here in the Valley will be over 110.

And Now, The Hard Part

Last week’s announcement that the Tampa Bay Rowdies’ name and colors would be returning to the American soccer scene touched off quite a bit of nostalgia and plenty of excitement (especially in this space). Of course, there are critics as well (as there always are). Now that the confetti has all fallen and it’s some… (read more)

Soccer Really IS Everywhere

Saw this yesterday in the parking lot at the local movie theatre:

R.I.P., Class Clown

One of my earliest pop culture memories, from when I first started to become cognizant of the world past my back yard, was listening to my mom’s George Carlin albums (Class Clown and AM & FM were, I believe, the first two I was exposed to). I knew they were a bit naughty, and later… (read more)