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More Indoor Intrigue

Okay, so on the heels of the quasi-announcement of the Xtreme Soccer League, we also have the PASL-Pro, which will start this winter and play 16 games. The PASL-Pro has these teams: EASTERN DIVISION 1790 Cincinnati Detroit Waza St. Louis Texas Outlaws WESTERN DIVISION Colorado Lightning Denver Dynamite Stockton Cougars Wenatchee Fire And San Diego… (read more)


Well, this certainly makes things interesting. I admit, until about 7 o’clock this morning, I didn’t know Sarah Palin from Michael Palin, but the more I’m finding out, the more I’m intrigued. First and foremost – yes, she’s quite attractive. She’d be our hottest Veep since Agnew. Secondly, in an election year that’s been all… (read more)


Oh, boy. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 29, 2008 TO THE XTREME! Official unveiling of Xtreme Soccer League takes place September 16 HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – A new interactive sports lifestyle debuts Sept. 16, 2008, with the formal introduction of the Xtreme Soccer League and the Xtreme Soccer Xperience. More than an indoor soccer league, the… (read more)

An Omen?

So, my buddy Dan and his wife were blessed with the birth of their first child, a daughter (Sophia Catherine) on Tuesday, and congrats to them. Here’s the actual text-message exchange, which points out (a) our sick senses of humor and (b) the fact that he’s way funnier than me: Me: Congrats! Best to you… (read more)


So, yeah, here comes another set of well-intentioned but ultimately misguided souls who think they’re going to launch another alternative professional football league. Better yet, it’s supposedly going to carry the name of one of my all-time favorites, the USFL. I loved the United States Football League – warts and all (and there were a… (read more)

Uniform Code

Some discussion over at Uniwatch about the collecting and wearing of jerseys (I’m sure it’s going to get heated now that people have brought up their “rules” for what you can and can’t collect or wear and the proper etiquette, so read at your own risk, but I’m out of the conversation now). But while… (read more)

Ain’t Gonna Be No SEC Network

Because ESPN has locked up anything that’s worth anything that CBS doesn’t already have with an unprecedented 15-year agreement with the Southeastern Conference worth a reported $2.25 billion. With the recently-announced 15-year deal with CBS that’s worth $55 million a year, the SEC will receive more than $200 million a year in TV rights fees. ESPN… (read more)

Back in the Booth

Well, I certainly didn’t see this coming. I’ll be back on the Big Ten Network this fall, calling men’s college soccer. My man Richard Broad and I will have the season opener on August 31 when Akron plays at Indiana, as well as a few other matches. As they say, check your local listings.

Medal Band

Not bad for a team that not quite 11 months ago crashed out of the Women’s World Cup, in the same country, to the same opponent. The US Women’s National Team won its third Olympic gold medal in four tries Thursday, beating Brazil 1-0 on Carli Lloyd’s overtime strike. US goalkeeper Hope Solo, banished from the… (read more)

Promises in the Dark

Watching the USA’s 1-0 win in Guatemala Wednesday night in a World Cup qualifier really brought home just how hard it is to win on the road in CONCACAF. Back in the day, when not all WCQs were readily available on TV here in the states, I’m not sure fans got the full effect of… (read more)