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Say It’s So, Joe

Oh, would this be nice. With Bob Brenly not getting hired in Milwaukee, Rick Sutcliffe won’t be replacing him in the Cubs’ booth. So he’d be available to team with Jon Miller on ESPN’s big show. That would fix that thing over there.

Can’t Buy Me Love…

…but you can buy me Rock Band in late 2009 because Harmonix has landed The Beatles for a new video game. I can’t decide if this will keep Baby Boomers on the job longer so they can pay for it or force them to retire so they have more time to play it. But it’s going… (read more)

Trophy Life

Major League Soccer has announced a redesign of its championship trophy. It’ll award the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy to the winning team at MLS Cup on Sunday, November 23. By my count, this is the third different piece of hardware in the league’s 13 seasons. DC United won the first two Alan I. Rothenberg Trophies,… (read more)

The MLS Playoffs In 60 Seconds

Putting much less thought and many fewer words into it than Nick did: 1E Columbus vs. 4E Kansas City: I’m guessing you recall 2004, the last time the Crew made the playoffs and won the Supporters’ Shield and crashed out in the first round. I don’t expect a repeat of that. PICK: Crew 2E Chicago… (read more)

A Tough Avocation

You think officiating high school football is easy? (Trust me, it’s not.) I’ve had some tough games (had one last night), but at least I haven’t been run over by a golf cart, like this unfortunate official in Oregon. The full story is here.

And They’re Off!

After an off-season of turmoil, the pro indoor soccer season is underway. What’s that? You missed it? The PASL-Pro (one of three, maybe three-and-a-half, pro indoor soccer leagues we have now) kicked off Saturday as the Stockton Cougars beat the Colorado Lightning 10-5. Former MISL MVP Greg Howes had two goals and four assists and… (read more)

“I’m Afraid You Would Find The Conversation A Trifle One-Sided…”

(thanks to Nico for this one) If memory serves, that’s Danyelle Sargeant, who you may remember from giving us this beauty a couple of years ago. Ouch. Tough business, this.EDIT: YouTube has taken the video down (sorry, the image above isn’t clickable). Basically, Ms. Sargeant asked Mike Singletary about his conversation with his “mentor,” Bill… (read more)

MLS Average Attendance Off Slightly In 2007

For the first time since 2005, average attendance at Major League Soccer games dropped ever-so-slightly in 2008. The average of 16,459 was slightly off from last year’s 16,770. Below are the teams ranked by percentage increase in average attendance over 2007: Team G Total Avg. ’07 Avg. Diff. Los Angeles 15 390,132 26,009 24,252 +7.2%… (read more)

It Came From The Archives

A exclusive: the lost episodes of The Manny Headroom Show! I didn’t create this, but I knew the guys who did and just found the tapes recently. Here is the first in the series:

Closing Thoughts

Just to close the work week, don’t get any other ideas… These are supposed to go to kids in impoverished countries, I thought, but you can get one (thanks to Nico for the tip). Jay Glazer and Chris Mortensen can fight over why neither of them broke this story. [] Ladies and jellyspoons, your Los… (read more)