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Archive for December 2008

Is Available?

SuperBrit fanboy Paul Stewart opined recently on that Tampa Bay couldn’t dump Jon Gruden because you wouldn’t be able to find a qualified coach to replace him. It was bollocks then, and it’s even moreso now with the news that Denver has fired Mike Shanahan. Shanahan has a better resume than Gruden, is still… (read more)

Yeah, We Knew That…

A front-page story in today’s Arizona Republic caught my eye. “Conservatives look to Flake to rescue the Republican party” is the headline (actually, that’s just the headline online – the printed edition has “Conservatives look to Flake to guide GOP.”) “Jeff Flake is positioning himself as Arizona’s Republican maverick for the future,” writes Dan Nowicki. Way… (read more)

Bowl Season

Feeling old again while waiting for the Florida-Oklahoma game… Do you know how many bowl games there were 30 years ago? 15! Do you know how many we’re in the middle of today? 34!

Jonny, We Hardly Want Ye

It’s time for Jon Gruden to go, it says here. Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel and Rod Marinelli have all been fired this morning, and it would be appropriate now for the Glazers to step up and pay Gruden the final three years of his contract and send him on his way. While they’re at it, Bruce… (read more)