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Who Said That?

Okay, pop quiz – who said this, in print, about meeting Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for the first time? “We met through a friend. The moment I saw him, he smiled and I was like, That is the most beautiful, charismatic smile I’ve ever seen! We sat and talked for three hours. I had to… (read more)

Did You Turn It Off At 2-0?

I didn’t (but only because there were only about 25 minutes left and there wasn’t anything else on), and I’m glad. But if you did, here are highlights of the USA’s comeback from 2-0 down to tie El Salvador 2-2 in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday night (thanks to The Offside Rules for this… (read more)

Ladies’ First

The Los Angeles Sol won the inaugural match in the history of Women’s Professional Soccer yesterday, beating the Washington Freedom, 2-0 in Carson, California. I didn’t get to watch the game until this morning, so here are a few belated thoughts: It was just an okay game. In fact, most things about it were just… (read more)


The evil plan of my man Jack Edwards is working perfectly (thanks to Puck Daddy via Deadspin):

I Hope He Or She Had A Good Time

I’ve written before about the problems facing indoor soccer, but they appear to have gotten out of hand, if this boxscore from last night’s Detroit Ignition/New Jersey Ironmen game is any indicator: With the loss, the Ironmen were eliminated from contention for the title (the XSL has no playoffs), so it’s a two-horse race in… (read more)

Holy Trinity

If you like soccer jerseys and want to support a college program, my man Seth Asbury reports that Trinity U. is having an online auction Saturday evening that includes shirts signed by Kaka, David Beckham, Leonel Messi and Wayne Rooney, among others. Check it out here and happy bidding! EDIT: If you participated, thank you…. (read more)

Idol Speculation: “It’s Under My Skirt!”

Oh, Paula. What are we going to do here? Did moving from Tuesday to Wednesday add one more day to your weekend, is that what it was? Last night’s American Idol saw Paula Abdul break out the crayons while drawing a word picture we really wanted to see 20 years ago, Simon Cowell be remarkably… (read more)

A Public Service Announcement For Men My Age

If you dug Valerie Bertinelli when you were a teenager (didn’t we all?) and you admire women in their forties (again…), you’ll enjoy Barbara Cooper all grown up and slimmed down in this week’s Screw Up Your Life* People Magazine. I’m not saying buy it. But if someone you know buys it or you’re in… (read more)