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Four At The Back – Episode 4

The new episode of Four At The Back features discussion of MLS officiating, a visit with Chivas USA’s Jesse Marsch, theories on lagging MLS attendance and the US Soccer Supporters Club. Download the show here, send us your feedback and go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast if you like it. Four At The… (read more)

Idol Speculation: The 50 Percent Solution

So the monkeys that produce American Idol finally figured out a way to bring their 61-minute show in…in 61 minutes: only have the judges review the contestants in pairs. Simon and Paula review the odd-numbered contestants, Randy and Kara the evens. How about this? Don’t have four judges, first off. Or don’t let Paula ramble… (read more)

Well, THAT Was Fun!

Team handball is really fun. Army beat Air Force, 29-26 Saturday afternoon in Colorado Springs. Tense game, in doubt until the end. Broadcast was….rudimentary, let’s say. But a lot of fun. And over too quickly. Kudos to my partner, Laura Ryan and to all the USOC folks who helped pull it off. Hope we get… (read more)

Heading For The Mountains

I’ll be off the grid most of the weekend (except maybe for Facebook and Twitter updates) as I’m off to Colorado. Don’t forget – Saturday at 5:30pm ET, college team handball between Army and Air Force on

Oliver Bierhoff Was Unavailable For Comment

It’s all part of the atmosphere, love. Drink it in. Once you wring it out of your hair. This just proves what I’ve always said: the Germans love throwing beer on people. And David Hasselhoff.