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Backhanded Compliment

Sick of team handball yet? Check out this goal from Chicago’s Jolanta Kunickite in the women’s gold medal game of the 2009 USA Team Handball Club National Championships. She was the tournament’s leading scorer – not surprising, given all the ways she can score.

Handball Highlights

Finally! Highlights from the men’s gold medal match at the 2009 USA Team Handball Club National Championships two weeks ago in Elgin, Ill. Handball is fun. I’ll put highlights of the women’s final up as soon as I get them compiled.

Trailer Park

I saw Terminator Salvation today (okay, but McG is a bit full of himself), and trailers for these two films caught my eye: District 9 and Surrogates. They look interesting.

It Seems To Me…

…that if we’re going to get all up in arms about performance-enhancing things, shouldn’t we get up in arms about poker players wearing sunglasses or otherwise hiding their expressions during high-stakes televised poker games? Isn’t part of the deal if you’re a poker player that you’re supposed to be able to cultivate…oh, what’s the phrase?…a… (read more)

I’m Gonna Be Rich!

From: Mr. Lawal Olu Treasury Dept Bank of Ghana Dear Sir, I know this letter will come to you as a surprise because you do not know me before; my name is Mr. Lawal Olu, Treasury Dept Bank of Ghana. During the airlift of some presidential luggage’s to Europe I and my colleagues in the… (read more)

Idol Speculation: I Hate Long Goodbyes

The marsupials who produce American Idol gave themselves an extra seven minutes by design last night, and used it all in a finale that had something for everyone – assuming everyone is old like me. KISS? Seriously? Rod Stewart? Lionel Ritchie? What, Hall & Oates weren’t available? Don’t get me wrong – KISS was entertaining… (read more)