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Table Scraps

For those of you who think soccer is a dish best served on a single table, here’s what MLS’ standings would look like if the teams weren’t split into Eastern and Western Conferences: Rk Club GP W L T Pts GF GA GD 1 Houston Dynamo 25 11 7 7 40 31 22 9 2… (read more)

Can Somebody Tell Me What Kind Of A World We Live In Where You Can’t Fly Your Kid To School In A Helicopter?

I mean, really, people. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Sutherin told officials that he wanted to “make a positive impression on the other students” on his son’s first day of ninth grade. Yeah, you made an impression all right. The impression you’ve made is that you’re a jackass and your son, by extension, is a… (read more)

Badgers? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badgers!

Thanks to Brian Mason at the University of Wisconsin for asking me to answer a few questions about the upcoming men’s soccer season in the Big Ten Conference. My man Richard Broad and I are scheduled to work five or six games together for the Big Ten Network, including a game in Madison in mid-October.

Jersey Girls

Postcard to the LA Sol: The weather is beautiful. Wish you were here. Sky Blue FC completed its Manifest Destiny-like run through the Women’s Professional Soccer playoffs on Saturday afternoon, beating Los Angeles 1-0 (after wins in Washington and St. Louis earlier in the week) to become the first WPS champions. The scrappy girls from… (read more)

Nothing But Blue Sky Do I See

The WPS playoffs have seen Sky Blue FC moving westward like the frontier. First, a win in Washington in the first round. Wednesday night, St. Louis fell. Tomorrow, The Little Team That Couldn’t Finish .500 plays in Los Angeles in the first-ever championship of Women’s Professional Soccer. My previous WPS playoff preview was off the… (read more)