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Archive for December 2009

Well, Now It Gets Interesting

The United States Soccer Federation has declined to sanction either the USL First Division or the proposed North American Soccer League for Division II professional status in 2010, saying “neither organization on its own was able to provide a viable and sustainable operation during the upcoming season.” Duh. Makes sense, if you think about it… (read more)

This Place Is A Dive!

A most excellent Christmas present from my awesome girlfriend, Brenda – we went indoor skydiving today at SkyVenture Arizona! It’s a big wind tunnel that simulates skydiving, only without the plane and the possibility that you’ll go kersplat and all that. Oh, and you don’t have the sensation of falling – just floating. It’s cool!

WhoSL? (Updated)

Today’s news that the Western Mass Pioneers, who have been a very successful club at the USL Second Division level since 1998, would drop down to the Premier Development League is proof that while the drama is at the top, there’s plenty of churn at the lower levels of the United Soccer Leagues as well…. (read more)

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Twelve years ago today, then-MLS Commissioner Doug Logan sent this missive to soccer fans in Seattle, promising them a team by 2003. Only missed it by six years. And Doug Logan, at last report, worked for USA Track & Field.