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How Does My Friday Taste?

Some quick notes for the last workday of the week: The Uniwatch blog has graciously run a column I wrote about the late, barely-lamented Senior Professional Baseball Association, which completed its one and only full season twenty years ago this weekend. Many thanks to Paul Lukas for that. Women’s Professional Soccer lost its Los Angeles… (read more)

Red Bull Gives You A Patch

MLS’ New York Red Bulls have released the patch they’ll be sporting on their shirts to mark the opening of their new arena. Can you believe this will be their fifth season as the Red Bulls after ten as the MetroStars?

Can You Fit A Soccer Field In Steinbrenner Field? (Updated)

Warning: Completely rough math and guesstimates ahead. Today’s announcement that the Tampa Bay Rowdies FC Tampa Bay will play at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, the spring home of the New York Yankees, made me wonder if you could actually get a soccer field in there (it’s been done, putting a soccer field in a… (read more)

The Rowdies Will Run Here (Well, Maybe Not…)

As I get most of my news from Twitter nowadays, I’ve just been informed that the new Tampa Bay Rowdies will play their home games in 2010 at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.1 And now, attempting to go to their website, I find that redirects to FC Tampa Bay? They were the Rowdies… (read more)

For Those Expecting A Lockout Monday

(Repeating a comment I posed on Tom Dunmore‘s Pitch Invasion blog about the impending expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between Major League Soccer players and league management. Too many seem to think that as of the CBA’s expiration, there’s automatically a lockout, or that that’s what MLS’ intent is. Ridge Mahoney reports that they’re… (read more)

What It Comes Down To, Really

Look, here’s the deal… Building stuff with LEGOS doesn’t make you a “citizen architect.” Watching courtroom dramas and reading John Grisham novels and then dispensing legal advice to your friends doesn’t make you a “citizen attorney.” Bandaging a boo-boo doesn’t make you a “citizen paramedic.” So, no, having your own blog or website, re-writing press… (read more)