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That’s A Rehabbin’

Dear Friends: I would like to take a moment to announce that I have an addiction, and in an effort to shift the blame from myself to a trendy illness save my lucrative gigs and endorsements the things I hold most dear, I will be entering rehab to deal with what’s behind the fun stuff… (read more)

Sounder? I Just Met Her…

(So, wait, the “most authentic and traditional” club in MLS, the club that does things more Euro-like than Euros, has dancers now?) The Major League Soccer season is underway. Seattle beat Philadelphia 2-0 last night in the rain at Qwest Field. This was an appropriate headline, as Philly picked up five yellow cards and a… (read more)

Police Want To Question This Man…

Ah, if only the headline matched the story. But that would be too much for a major New York newspaper to figure out. Actually the Nets’ CEO doesn’t regret getting into it with a fan who wore a bag over his head to a game. I know what you’re saying – someone went to a… (read more)

No Apocalypse Now

Major League Soccer and its players have agreed “in principle” to a new five-year collective bargaining agreement, averting what would have been the first pro soccer league strike in more than 30 years. The players didn’t get free agency (something management had said wasn’t going to happen), but will, apparently, get more freedom of movement…. (read more)