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The World Was Not Enough

I was just thinking the other day that I’m about ready for some football. But for the next couple of months, we’ll have to be content with other things. Here’s a great recent find, though – the end of a World Football League game between the Chicago Fire and the Jacksonville Sharks at Soldier Field… (read more)

More On Athletica’s Folding (Updated)

From an actual reporter on the ground, and not just bloggers and fans who let the hurt blind them to simple explanations, we get this from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Tom Timmerman. The different fates for the men’s and women’s teams happened because of different decisions by their leagues. The WPS board of governors, which… (read more)

Arrivederci, Athletica

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirms and Women’s Professional Soccer is supposed to officially announce soon the demise of Saint Louis Athletica for financial reasons. The tandem of Athletica and AC St. Louis has been under severe pressure recently after overseas investors supposedly pulled their support of the clubs. Now, there’s no way to spin this… (read more)

Best Goal Of The Weekend

I have lots to write about our trip to Las Vegas this weekend, but before I (finally) go to bed, this dramatic ending to one of the semifinal matches at the National Team Handball Championships. Quick scene-set: The New England Freeze (in white) and their regional/league rival and defending national champion New York City Team… (read more)