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Revised US Men’s National Team TV Ratings Chart

With the USA having set ESPN records twice in the span of a week, here’s the latest table of USMNT TV broadcast/cable ratings of World Cup matches since 1990. Net Day Date Game Time Rtg TVHH ESPN Wed 6/23/2010 USA/Algeria 10:00a 4.6 4,582,000 ESPN Fri 6/18/2010 USA/Slovenia 10:00a 3.9 3,906,000 ABC Sat 6/12/2010 USA/England 2:30p… (read more)

Taking Attendance, 6/21/2010

Major League Soccer will be back from its group stage break this weekend, but the other outdoor leagues have continued their seasons unabated (with drops in attendance, more on that later). Here’s a look at each league’s attendance figures through games of June 20. These are unofficial and incomplete (because many lower-level teams can’t be… (read more)

This Sort Of Thing Wouldn’t Happen In A Real Footballing Nation

You know how Americans kvetch when EPSN or Fox Soccer Channel do anything that’s screwy when it comes to soccer on television (trust me, they do)? Good to know it happens in other countries, as well. Per Soccer Insider, here’s what the folks watching ITV in the UK saw just as England was about to… (read more)

A World Cup Preview From Someone Who Admittedly Has No Idea Who’s Going To Win

I have no idea who’s going to win the World Cup. Neither does anybody else, but I’ve at least just admitted it. Some people’s predictions may, in fact, come true (when only seven countries have won the thing in 18 events, picking one of the usual suspects isn’t exactly Nostradamus-like), but nobody actually knows. Which… (read more)

Zizou Would Be Proud

But Austrian TV officials weren’t, as they quashed a series of ads reminiscent of Zenedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt in the 2006 World Cup Final. To be honest, this was the best of the lot: The Spoiler tells us the ads were kiboshed because “they convey that violence can be used to solve conflicts.” Next thing… (read more)