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Sam He Is

My Sports & Media class at Arizona State University had the chance to hear from longtime NBA reporter and columnist Sam Smith last night. Smith, who worked for the Chicago Tribune for 28 years and now covers the NBA for, regaled my students with stories from inside the league and gave them his insight… (read more)

The One Where USSF Wusses Out

So after all the talk about the United States Soccer Federation finally cracking down and creating tough standards for Division II soccer, they went ahead yesterday and provisionally sanctioned the North American Soccer League as the only D2 soccer league for 2011. The NASL claims its teams all meet the standards, and that other teams… (read more)

Why Chris Myers Bugs The Hell Out Of Me

Yesterday, just over three minutes to play, Tampa Bay leads San Francisco 21-0. Myers: “So on fourth down, they’re going to punt it back to the 49ers, who will try and at least get on the scoreboard to avoid that home shutout.” 36 seconds later, after the punt, he turns to his partner, Kurt Warner… (read more)

Strange Trip

The whole MLS Cup Playoffs were a strange trip, capped by Colorado’s 2-1 overtime win over FC Dallas last night in Toronto. First off, having looked at it several hundred times, I’m no longer sure Jair Benitez clipped Conor Casey’s ankle on the controversial non-penalty call. He did kick him (or try to kick him)… (read more)

Pay No Attention To The Europhile Behind The Curtain

So, yes, the Kansas City Wizards are no more. They’re now Sporting Kansas City, which, to hear their CEO tell it, isn’t European at all, nosiree, not one bit. “This, to us, is not European whatsoever,” (Rob) Heineman said. “This is all about our connection to the community and us trying to be innovative in… (read more)