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A Bolt Out Of The Blue

The Tampa Bay Lightning finally unveiled their new uniforms and logo today, and I generally like them. The new logo is a bit simpler (evocative of Captain Marvel, though thinner), a little superhero-ish, but okay. I’m a minimalist at heart. And while I will miss the all-black uniforms that I think are fantastic, I loooooooove… (read more)

Back To The Future

FC Tampa Bay Rowdies are looking like contenders. For the 1993 APSL title, that is. FCTB announced today that Ricky Hill will succeed Paul Dalglish as the club’s manager. I look forward to their matches against the Colorado Foxes and Los Angeles Salsa. Seriously, whuck? I know Gordon Jago is 78, but Eddie Firmani is… (read more)

Early Leader For Best Story Of 2011

Watch this video. The man with the amazing voice is Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio. The video (which has more than 4 million views on YouTube) has apparently caught the eye of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have hired Mr. Williams in an unspecified capacity (probably not power forward, though they could use… (read more)