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Highlights: High School Football

With only one more soccer game left for me this season (USL Pro championship, Saturday, September 2, 7:00 pm ET, FOX Soccer), I’m back to calling high school (American) football on The season started here in Arizona last night and here are highlights of the Kellis/Centennial game: (And, just as an aside, if you… (read more)

DirecTV Isn’t Even Trying Anymore

Saw this while channel-surfing on DirecTV last night. If you’re not familiar with the film in question, it wouldn’t be a surprise, given how awful its reviews were. I just had to laugh because I not only saw it, I paid to see it in the theater when it came out. And because we have… (read more)

Oh, Donna…..

Irony, from the latest issue of ESPN: The Magazine. In a story on tOhio State University President Gordon Gee, you will find this gem: “At Miami, president Donna Shalala personally hires each coach. She studies the NCAA rulebook and weekly compliance reports. During football games, she scours the sidelines for suspicious guests. ‘I’m on alert… (read more)

Highlights: USL Pro Game Of The Week

The final USL Pro playoff berth wasn’t decided until the final whistle of last Friday’s USL Pro Game of the Week on FOX Soccer. Here are the highlights of the Charleston Battery’s 4-3 win over the Charlotte Eagles, one that included a two-goal, Player of the Week performance by the Battery’s Mike Zaher: The playoffs… (read more)

Highlights: USL Pro Game of the Week

Here are highlights of last Friday night’s USL Pro Game of the Week, in which the Wilmington Hammerheads defeated the Los Angeles Blues 2-1 in front of a Legion Stadium record crowd of nearly 6,000. Our final regular-season telecast, this Friday at Charleston, could determine the eighth and final playoff spot for 2011. Unless the… (read more)