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I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything, But…

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I’m taking a hiatus from social media and blogging until the end of the year, but I just had to respond to this column from Christine Brennan in USA Today. It’s part of the whole cottage industry of “Let’s Come Up With As Much Punishment as we Can For Penn State” that’s been so prevalent the last two weeks.

I understand Brennan’s a columnist and has to take a position and elicit an emotional response…but, honestly…what is to be gained by Penn State not playing in the Rose Bowl (or any bowl)? First it was “Don’t play Nebraska!” then it was “They should cancel the season!” and now it’s “Don’t play in the Rose Bowl.”

Don’t you think one of the big problems with regards to this type of abuse is that nobody wants to talk about it? That it’s swept under the rug? So if Penn State DOESN’T play in a bowl game), we don’t have to talk about what happened that week! There, problem solved! Meanwhile, the conspiracy of silence continues.

I know that righteous columnists and fans who fancy themselves as our nation’s moral compass want to punish anything and everything that has to do with Penn State because we’re all horrified by what went on. So in order to either make ourselves feel better or to distance ourselves from any possible connotation that we don’t emphatically decry abuse of children, we want to advocate for the strongest possible penalties we can come up with in our minds, whether it’s just the guilty parties who get punished or if there’s collateral damage. Too bad for everybody else, we have a moral statement to make.

Those who (based on our knowledge at this moment) enabled the alleged crimes have already paid a price. There’s no need to take it further yet simply to satisfy a columnist who’s out for nothing but more page views.

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November 17th, 2011 at 10:36 am

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