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My Soccer Hall Of Fame Ballot

For the seventh consecutive year, I’m one of the voters for the National Soccer Hall of Fame, and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. I’ve made each of my previous six ballots and the rationales behind them public, so there’s no need to change now. There are 12 newcomers on the 31-player ballot for… (read more)

The 700 Club

Apparently I’m “soccer historian,” which I’ll take. Though there are others (like Colin Jose, Dave Litterer, Roger Allaway and Steve Holroyd). Anyway, Milwaukee Wave head coach Keith Tozer won his 700th indoor game Sunday as the Wave beat Rochester 26-10. Just less than two weeks ago, USL asked me if I knew which coaches might… (read more)


Imagine a bad breakup with someone you shouldn’t have hooked up with in the first place, someone who seemed perfect for you but who belittled you to your friends, was a slob, didn’t pay their half of the rent and utilities and criticized your sexual performance. Now imagine having to have that person spend one… (read more)

Our Situation Has Not Improved

You may member an indoor soccer team called the Phoenix Monsoon (the one that listed me as its play-by-play announcer despite not actually, you know, consummating a deal with me). This was its maiden season in the PASL, and they had big plans for it. Well, the original owner was out before Christmas and the… (read more)

The Lowdown On Lower Levels In The US Open Cup

After hearing the clamoring for years from a vocal minority that changes needed to be made to the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the United States Soccer Federation announced a sweeping set of changes to the country’s oldest soccer tournament yesterday. Among the changes for the 99th competition: the biggest field in the tournament’s history… (read more)

The Grapes Of Wrath

Perhaps had superagent Leigh Steinberg waited for the grapes in the photo accompanying this Chicago Sun-Times story to turn into alcohol, he would have had time to pull himself out of the spiral that cost him millions of dollars. And, no, there are almost no editors left at newspapers anymore, thanks for asking.