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Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Reyna, Meola, Armstrong, DiCiccio

Former US National Team stars Claudio Reyna and Tony Meola have earned election to the National Soccer Hall of Fame on the Player Ballot, while their former teammate Desmond Armstrong was the Veteran ballot choice and former US Women’s National Team coach Tony DiCiccio is this year’s Builder ballot pick, it was announced today. Most… (read more)


One of American soccer’s most storied and celebrated names returns in 2012 as the (new) NASL’s Tampa Bay team recently re-acquired its traditional name and logos after a protracted legal battle. The original Rowdies were my first soccer love, the team of my youth, my pride and joy, the Bay area’s first major professional team… (read more)

Yes, I Actually Received This Email

Which means someone had to actually write it: FYI: ” The Job ‘ KILLING ‘: Nazis!!! “ ( Plural ) And ” ‘ they ‘ “ = ” NO JOBS ” FOR  I.E. ” YOU “ I.E. ” youths!!! “ Ever seen that scripted ” … soup Nazi …” clip: or the female version: ”… (read more)

A Brief History Of Promotion And Relegation In American Soccer

Let’s get the obvious out of the way up front, shall we? There is not currently, nor has there ever been, a full, traditional system of on-field-merit-based promotion and relegation in any American pro soccer endeavor that I’m aware of[1]. With that said, the essence of promotion and relegation, the ability to move between levels… (read more)