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War Story

While we’re in the middle of all this talk about the US Open Cup, here’s a little piece of history: a story from the Newark Sunday Call from October 5, 1924. What was then called the National Challenge Cup was just getting underway, but some of the country’s top pro teams from the American Soccer… (read more)


The third round of the 2012 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup saw eight of the 16 participating Major League Soccer teams sent packing by lower-division sides (a record for number, obviously, but not percentage, as half of the field of eight crashed out in 2004’s fourth round). This has led to the usual sturm und… (read more)

Doing The Business

Let’s say you ran a small business. It doesn’t matter what industry, just a small business, a start-up, still young. You’re still trying to make it work, still losing money, still hoping you can find a committed local investor who will put some money into the thing. So you work on this one project for… (read more)

Taking Attendance, 5/14/2012

Now that everybody in the top three men’s leagues has had at least one home game, here’s the first Taking Attendance report of the 2012 season. MLS G Total Average Median High Low Montreal 4 162,115 40,529 41,016 60,860 19,223 Seattle 7 270,387 38,627 38,399 39,312 38,301 Los Angeles 6 139,182 23,197 22,696 27,000 18,466… (read more)