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Well, THAT Sucked

I’m not a “Fire Bradley Now” kind of US fan, but I must admit that two pretty bad performances in four games in the hex has be wondering. Not breathing smoke and pounding away at the keyboard, letting the world know of my frustration (God knows enough people are doing that this morning). Just wondering.

Last night’s 3-1 loss in Costa Rica was, perhaps, the worst performance in a big game I’ve seen from the US in…oh, I don’t know how long. CR is a tough place to play, the Ticos are a good team, all that. But there wasn’t really anything there, especially defensively.

Luckily, the loss doesn’t have to/get to fester too long – the Nats host Honduras Saturday night in Chicago. Get three points with a good performance out of that match, and you’re halfway through the hex with 10 points, but with only two home games left.

Bob Bradley‘s way smarter than me. And this is his actual job, so I figure he’s the one who has to sort it out. Either he will, or there’ll be problems.

Dan Loney and I will discuss this game, the Honduras match and more on the next episode of Four At The Back, which should be available tomorrow morning. God willing.

6 Responses to Well, THAT Sucked

  1. I’m along the same lines of you with Bob, but wonder if the fact that we’ll play a dozen games between now and October 14, have no more than 30 days between games and will still probably make the Hex will keep them from making a change.

  2. And then the question is…a change to whom? It’s unlike USSF to make a change mid-stream. Even when things have gotten a bit dicey (late summer, 2001 comes to mind), that hasn’t been their MO.

    With Nowak leaving (and I don’t know that he would have been seriously considered anyway), the internal candidates would seem to be few and unless you’re going to give Klinsmann everything he wants or entice Sigi from Seattle (not bloody likely), I don’t know what you do.

  3. Hypothetically, let’s say Honduras pulls off a win at Soldier Field. What if the next game, vs Mexico in Azteca is a loss (which is likely). What then? The US would probably be 3rd or fourth with only *gulp* 2 home games left.

    It’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

  4. No, it’s not. Not at all. This is a pivotal game.

    That’s good. That’s what you want – pivotal games.

    It’s about emotion. You want the hex to mean something.

  5. USA 2 Honduras 1

    All is better in the world now.

  6. well, not ALL better, but that performance had more energy and urgency. We’ll take it. At least we’re not Mexico.


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