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The Chicken And The Pig

Nick Green nails it here when he discusses David Beckham‘s “commitment” to Major League Soccer. (Jeffrey Marcus of the New York Times is on the case here as well.)

“David is committed – he really is committed,” (MLS Commissioner Don) Garber said. “I believe he’s committed. I could not and cannot ask more from David (in showing) his commitment to us.”

Except maybe that he show up most of the time? Not run off to Milan for half the year? Play like he’s interested when he is here? Could we ask that?

Beckham is (admittedly) just a working-class bloke from East London, so some words and definitions might escape him (though he’s been married for 10 years now – well done, there). But what does Garber mean? I don’t mind you pulling my leg, Mr. Commissioner, but don’t lie to me like I’m Montel Williams.

Try this one on your wife: “Honey, I’m committed to you – I really am committed. You can believe I’m committed. You could not and cannot ask more from me in showing my commitment to you. But I’m going to go date that hot blonde from accounting. Just temporary, I’ll be back. And I intend to stay with you for years.”

Are you the chicken or the pig? In the ham-and-eggs breakfast scenario, the chicken is involved. But the pig is committed.

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