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Why I Love Dan Loney

Because he says what I’m thinking, only he says it more succinctly and he’s funnier than I can ever hope to be:

“This is the national team that can beat Spain and sweat bullets against Trinidad. That’s life as an American soccer fan, and it’s actually way better than it was. If you can’t handle it when Americans don’t win easily, well, there’s always NASCAR, the NFL, and old World War II movies.”

He and I should do a radio show or something.

9 Responses to Why I Love Dan Loney

  1. “He and I should do a radio show”

    or a podcast.

  2. And…just as what we used to actually refer to as “cable” or “satellite,” we now think of those things as merely “the way television programs get into our house,” that’s kinda what I meant.

  3. Bring back Four at the Back, por favor.

  4. Should get the two of you to take over the Fox Phone in show.

  5. I’d have to move to LA, and that’s absolutely never happening.

  6. good point

  7. Love you to death Kenn, but I all means stay the hell away from LA. We’re up to our eyelids in out fo town sports fans as it is…

  8. I’m slightly less of a sports fan than I used to be – and way less than many others are.

    I’d be concerned mostly about traffic and overpopulation and wildfires and earthquakes.

    But mostly traffic.

    So you have nothing to fear.

  9. […] life is more than soccer and I tend to agree with his opinions about life, too…and my good friend Kenn Tomasch loves Dan, as well.  Any of Dan’s posts are entertaining, but I liked this one, because it was in response […]


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