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Things That Are Bulls***.

  • Building a statue to Bud Selig.
  • Un-retiring a retired number.
  • Claiming sex addiction.
  • Bill Cowher’s continued bellowing yesterday that the NFL overtime rule has to be changed. As if the current rule is that the team that wins the coin flip gets to go out there with its offense and the other team doesn’t get to send out its defense.
  • Most of the Super Bowl commercials. Seriously, whatever you’re paying your ad agencies, Corporate America, it’s too much.
  • Warren Sapp. He’s just a bad guy. Always has been a bad guy.
  • And the parenting skills of the Spears family. Honestly, any men out there reading this: it’s paramount that you have a positive relationship with your daughter(s) and make them feel loved and respected. Else they’ll end up (a) on the pole, or ( b) a mom at 16 and dating a 28-year-old at 18.