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The Business Of Indoor Soccer, c. 1988

I found this very interesting television news story on the problems facing the original Major Indoor Soccer League, which was threatening to go belly-up 22 years ago unless they got major concessions from the players’ union.

Ironically, just after the new agreement was signed that was supposed to save the league, the Cleveland Force (one of the two teams mentioned in the piece as being the best-off financially) folded (as had Chicago, St. Louis, Tacoma and Minnesota) and the MISL went from 11 teams to six just like that. A new franchise popped up in Tacoma and the league played with seven teams in 1988-89, but within three years, it was dead.

For those of us who have followed indoor soccer for years, it’s interesting to see the litany of problems from back in the day and look at the position we’re in today: with a handful of teams full of average players. There’s no way anybody would devote eight minutes to a story on the problems facing today’s MISL, though.

(Thanks to famous and fabulous former MISL goalkeeper Zoltan Toth, who is apparently responsible for YouTubing this interesting story.)

2 Responses to The Business Of Indoor Soccer, c. 1988

  1. Holy cow. Can you imagine any US television station or network or cable outfit running an eight-minute story? That story is longer than any story that aired on the recently passed health care legislation.

    Sure, in Canada and England, they broadcast eight-minute long stories, but not in the good old USA.

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