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More On Athletica’s Folding (Updated)

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From an actual reporter on the ground, and not just bloggers and fans who let the hurt blind them to simple explanations, we get this from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Tom Timmerman.

The different fates for the men’s and women’s teams happened because of different decisions by their leagues.

The WPS board of governors, which had considered taking over the Athletica, decided “the operational hurdles and finances just didn’t work out,” commissioner Tonya Antonucci said. With no funds available for the team’s debts and its ongoing payroll and operations, the Athletica folded.

Meanwhile, U.S. Soccer, which administers AC St. Louis’ league, looks headed toward reaching a deal for providing necessary funding. That deal to keep the team running through the rest of the season, and possibly beyond, could happen next week.

WPS is sexist, obviously. They must hate women if they didn’t opt to fund the team the rest of the way, right? I mean, it can’t be anything simpler than that, amiright? Couldn’t just be “operational hurdles and finances,” could it?

It’s simple when you’re angry to lash out and ignore the simple solution. But in things like this, Occam’s Razor usually comes into play.

EDIT: More from the Alton Telegraph’s Pete Hayes here, including this interesting tidbit:

“Even though the Vaids could have breached their contract, Cooper can’t just start putting his own money back into the club. If he did, that could be a breach of contract on his part. He could try to get a court order allowing him to fund the teams while looking for an investor, but arbitration is required first. But for arbitration, both parties need to be present. Without the Vaids, that’s going to be difficult.”

That’s a bit beyond me, but I don’t have much of a head for contract law. How true that is, we don’t know. But if it’s true, does that change anyone’s opinion of Cooper?

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