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Revised US Men’s National Team TV Ratings Chart

With the USA having set ESPN records twice in the span of a week, here’s the latest table of USMNT TV broadcast/cable ratings of World Cup matches since 1990.

Net Day Date Game Time Rtg TVHH
ESPN Wed 6/23/2010 USA/Algeria 10:00a 4.6 4,582,000
ESPN Fri 6/18/2010 USA/Slovenia 10:00a 3.9 3,906,000
ABC Sat 6/12/2010 USA/England 2:30p 7.3 8,391,000
ESPN Thu 6/22/2006 USA/Ghana 10:00a 3.2 2,900,000
ABC Sat 6/17/2006 USA/Italy 3:00p 4.4 4,824,000
ESPN2 Mon 6/12/2006 USA/Czech Rep. 12:00p 2.4 2,140,000
ESPN Friday 6/21/2002 QF: USA/Germany 7:25a 4.36 3,800,000
ESPN Mon 6/17/2002 R16: USA/Mexico 2:25a 2.29 1,980,000
ABC Sat 6/15/2002 USA/Poland (Tape) 1:00p 1.1 1,166,000
ESPN Friday 6/14/2002 USA/Poland 7:25a 1.88 1,630,000
ESPN2 Mon 6/10/2002 USA/South Korea 5:00a 1.62 1,360,000
ESPN2 Wed 6/05/2002 USA/Portugal 2:30a 1.19 998,000
ABC Thu 6/25/1998 USA/Yugoslavia 3:00p 2.2 2,156,000
ABC Sun 6/21/1998 USA/Iran 3:00p 3.5 3,430,000
ABC Mon 6/15/1998 USA/Germany 3:00p 3.4 3,332,000
ABC Mon 7/04/1994 R16:USA/Brazil 3:30p 9.3 N/A
ABC Sun 6/26/1994 USA/Romania 4:00p 6.8 N/A
ESPN Wed 6/22/1994 USA/Colombia 7:30p 4.3 2,710,000
ABC Sat 6/18/1994 USA/Switzerland 11:30a *5.8 N/A
TBS Tue 6/19/1990 USA/Austria NA 1.0 473,000
TBS Thu 6/14/1990 USA/Italy NA 1.2 555,000
TBS Sun 6/10/1990 USA/Czechslovakia NA 1.8 858,000
*Overnight only available

With the Ghana game coming on a Saturday afternoon in late June without a lot of competition, maybe this one will break the all-time record for a US national team, the 1999 Women’s World Cup final.

5 Responses to Revised US Men’s National Team TV Ratings Chart

  1. TV Ratings: Do the agencies have a way to count for crowds in bars, restaurants & other gathering places? Is there a formula for estimating that they use? (Amount of square feet divided by number of TV’s or some such formula.)

  2. No, there is no such formula. Everything is an audience estimate based on sampling.

  3. Great info Kenn, as always. Thanks.

  4. The US v. Ghana game had 19 million viewers (and ESPN stays another 1m watched online) to make it the highest rated soccer game ever.

    For perspective, the 2010 Olympic ice hockey gold medal game was watched by 16m Canadians. The 2010 NBA finals averaged 18m viewers. Sure, game seven had 28m viewers, but that also means the first six games were that much lower.

    Will people now shut up about soccer not being popular in this country?

  5. […] back, I was one of just around a few million Americans tuning in for games, and this included those who watched the tape-delayed matches at more, well, rational times. I […]


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