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Taking Attendance, 7/26/2010

Here are the latest unofficial attendance figures for the various levels of soccer in the USA (and, occasionally, Canada).

Seattle Sounders FC 10 361,590 36,159
Philadelphia Union 5 113,097 22,619
Toronto FC 9 184,449 20,494
Los Angeles Galaxy 8 162,523 20,315
Real Salt Lake 9 149,685 16,632
New York Red Bulls 8 130,214 16,277
Houston Dynamo 9 144,028 16,003
DC United 9 134,543 14,949
Chicago Fire 7 103,446 14,778
Chivas USA 7 101,155 14,451
Columbus Crew 9 126,255 14,028
Colorado Rapids 7 95,123 13,589
New England Revolution 8 94,375 11,797
FC Dallas 8 89,848 11,231
Kansas City Wizards 8 80,047 10,006
San Jose Earthquakes 7 66,607 9,515
MLS TOTAL 128 2,136,985 16,695
Boston Breakers 8 35,980 4,498
Washington Freedom 8 34,587 4,323
Chicago Red Stars 9 37,042 4,116
Atlanta Beat 6 22,906 3,818
Sky Blue FC 6 20,697 3,450
FC Gold Pride 9 27,869 3,097
Saint Louis Athletica 4 12,109 3,027
Philadelphia Independence 8 24,061 3,008
WPS TOTAL 58 215,251 3,711
Montreal Impact 10 122,478 12,248
Portland Timbers 11 99,660 9,060
Rochester Rhinos 10 58,122 5,812
Vancouver Whitecaps 11 55,938 5,085
FC Tampa Bay Rowdies 8 36,751 4,594
Austin Aztex 10 35,276 3,528
AC St. Louis 6 18,943 3,157
Puerto Rico Islanders 9 21,041 2,338
Carolina RailHawks 5 11,326 2,265
Minnesota NSC Stars 11 15,628 1,421
Palace Baltimore 6 7,542 1,257
Miami FC Blues 10 12,296 1,230
USSF2 TOTAL 107 495,001 4,626
Charleston Battery 9 31,677 3,520
Richmond Kickers 8 15,563 1,945
Harrisburg City Islanders 8 13,303 1,663
Charlotte Eagles 9 7,845 872
Pittsburgh Riverhounds 7 5,929 847
Real Maryland Monarchs 6 3,602 600
USL-2 TOTAL 47 77,919 1,658
Vancouver Whitecaps FC Women 5 7,565 1,513
New Jersey Wildcats 3 2,085 695
Atlanta Silverbacks 2 1,360 680
Seattle Sounders 5 3,098 620
Colorado Force 4 2,114 529
Charlotte Lady Eagles 4 2,053 513
Long Island Rough Riders 5 2,258 452
Hampton Roads Piranhas 5 2,037 407
Hudson Valley Quickstrike Lady Blues 3 1,097 366
Santa Clarita Blue Heat 3 1,083 361
Rochester Ravens 6 2,101 350
Ottawa Fury 6 1,985 331
Quebec City Amiral 6 1,933 322
Pali Blues 5 1,494 299
Northern Virginia Majestics 4 1,113 278
Laval Comets 6 1,594 266
North Jersey Valkyries 4 1,030 258
Colorado Rush 5 1,185 237
Buffalo Flash 5 1,149 230
Hamilton Avalanche 5 875 175
London Gryphons 3 482 161
Toronto Lady Lynx 5 800 160
Kalamazoo Outrage 5 755 151
New York Magic 4 492 123
Chicago Red Eleven 6 666 111
Tampa Bay Hellenic 3 323 108
NJ Rangers 5 472 94
Washington Freedom Futures 6 455 76
Cleveland Internationals 4 268 67
W-LEAGUE TOTAL 132 43,922 333
Des Moines Menace 8 28,413 3,552
West Texas United Sockers 8 20,011 2,501
Fresno Fuego 4 9,839 2,460
Carolina Dynamo 2 4,086 2,043
Victoria Highlanders FC 8 11,973 1,497
Dayton Dutch Lions 8 10,195 1,274
Forest City London 8 9,971 1,246
El Paso Patriots 5 5,850 1,170
New Orleans Jesters 4 4,029 1,007
Laredo Heat 8 7,908 989
Ventura County Fusion 8 6,987 873
BYU Cougars 8 6,862 858
Kitsap Pumas 4 3,301 825
Thunder Bay Chill 8 6,348 794
Los Angeles Legends 5 3,579 716
Western Mass Pioneers 7 4,946 707
Cincinnati Kings 7 4,790 684
Mississippi Brilla 7 4,695 671
Portland Timbers U23’s 8 4,925 616
Michigan Bucks 7 4,064 581
Vermont Voltage 7 3,928 561
Ogden Outlaws 3 1,636 545
Indiana Invaders 5 2,722 544
Baton Rouge Capitals 1 540 540
Toronto Lynx 5 2,520 504
Hampton Roads Piranhas 7 3,085 441
Long Island Rough Riders 7 2,964 423
Ottawa Fury 8 3,034 379
Ironbound Express 8 3,022 378
Ocean City Nor’easters 5 1,702 340
Central Florida Kraze 7 2,330 333
Rochester Thunder 5 1,609 322
St. Louis Lions 8 2,298 287
Yakima Reds 4 1,020 255
Bermuda Hogges 6 1,524 254
Reading United 7 1,634 233
Southern California Seahorses 6 1,366 228
Rio Grande Valley Bravos 2 440 220
Nashville Metros 7 1,506 215
Dallas Fort Worth Tornados 3 605 202
Tacoma Tide 2 402 201
Springfield Demize 8 1,540 193
Albany BWP Highlanders 8 1,478 185
MPS Portland Phoenix 7 1,226 175
Kalamazoo Outrage 8 1,320 165
Hollywood United Hitmen 5 800 160
Washington Crossfire 5 790 158
West Virginia Chaos 7 1,039 148
Atlanta Blackhawks 5 727 145
Spokane Spiders 4 555 139
Abbotsford Mariners 7 930 133
IMG Bradenton Academics 6 795 133
Kansas City Brass 6 783 131
Lancaster Rattlers 5 645 129
Vancouver Whitecaps Residency 8 1,029 129
Houston Leones 5 560 112
Brooklyn Knights 8 875 109
Central Jersey Spartans 4 425 106
New Hampshire Phantoms 7 740 106
Ft. Lauderdale Schultz Academy 3 310 103
New Jersey Rangers FC 6 606 101
Orange County Blue Star 8 740 93
Real Colorado Foxes 6 480 80
Westchester Flames 8 640 80
Cleveland Internationals 6 366 61
Chicago Fire 5 218 44
Northern Virginia Royals 0 0 0
PDL TOTAL 400 222,276 556

Some notes:

  • Despite searching high and low, I’ve not found an attendance number for the Crew’s win over Houston this weekend. I’m sure my readers can come through, right?
  • It’s so cute how WPS’ Philadelphia Independence always takes an extra day or two to come up with their number. Hint: it makes me believe your number less, not more.
  • Speaking of WPS, The Stadium That Is Going To Change Women’s Soccer is right there in the middle of the pack.
  • There’s one more PDL game on the schedule, tonight (Bermuda at West Virginia, great seats still available). I am missing some 127 PDL attendance figures from this year (including all of Northern Virginia’s digits), but have made pretty good progress lately. I think you can get a reasonable idea of how PDL teams draw from the data we have. That is to say, not particularly well in most places.
  • The W-League season is over, I’m only missing about 30 of their games.
  • USL-2’s Real Maryland Monarchs have apparently gone back into their “we’re just not going to be buggered to report attendance figures” mode. Ditto for Crystal Palace Baltimore, which is a dead-in-the-water club.
  • If you want to see things broken out by level:

    League G Total Average
    MLS 127 2,100,652 16,541
    USSF2 107 495,001 4,626
    WPS 58 215,251 3,711
    USL-2 47 77,919 1,658
    PDL 400 222,276 556
    W-LEAGUE 132 43,922 333

  • If you ranked all 138 teams, you’d have (no surprise) MLS teams in 16 of the first 17 positions (with Montreal ahead of New England, Dallas, Kansas City and San Jose).
  • MLS has seen a slight boost in average announced attendance post-World Cup (going from 16,472 prior to the tournament to 17,417 after), but Seattle has had 2 of the 11 games and I don’t have that Crew figure yet, so it may not hold up. WPS attendance is off post-WC, while USSF-2 is up slightly. We’ll see how the trend finishes.

22 Responses to Taking Attendance, 7/26/2010

  1. 13,585 in Columbus for their game against Houston on Saturday. From:

  2. Thank you. You’re the second person to tell me that. That would make the Crew (sorry, The Crew)’s average 13,984 and MLS’ average 16,671, a slight drop.

  3. Of course. Now that we’ve talked you into using the USSF website for the D2 numbers, Baltimore apparently decides to report their attendance to the NASL. According to the NASL website, they had 4802 at Saturday night’s game. Which would be an entirely different measure of which way their heading. Assuming that number is accurate. Seeing if I can find any corroboration.

  4. When the Freedom announced 4,809 at the same venue on the same night? If it was as simple as “the same number for the Freedom match, everybody was here just milling around,” that would be fine. But it’s not the same number.

    If they could get 4,802 for their games at the SoccerPlex, they shouldn’t move back to Calvert Hall. Of course, they can’t and they will move and then they’ll fold.

  5. And, of course, NOW the Philadelphia Independence announces 2,415 for their game of Saturday. Which brings them to 2,942 for the season, or less than the dearly departed St. Louis Athletica.

  6. It would be interesting to know how many of the PDL teams at the low end of the attendance table are part of a larger youth program. I know Cleveland is, which may explain how so many can continue to operate with such low numbers. Not having a player payroll certainly helps a bit too.

  7. That cp baltimore figure is surprising to say the least.

  8. Historically, none of those numbers are out of the norm for the PDL. Some organizations (basically) say “This is a high-level team, they’re not professionals, but this is an entertainment product in a competitive league and we’re going to aggressively go after getting your discretionary income” and some at the other end of the spectrum say, “This is just an extension of other initiatives and if you show up, you show up.”

    It would be nearly impossible to make an effort to sell tickets to a competitive soccer team in an actual national league and sell only 50 tickets a game.


    The ussf website is reporting 701 for cp baltimore. I have a propensity to go with that website over nasl’s.

  10. I wonder if anyone told Palace that Calvert Hall is ripping up and replacing their turf right now. Hopefully it would be done in time for their return, but with this bunch…

  11. Yes. The reason they moved four games to the SoccerPlex was because of Calvert Hall’s renovations. They said that at the time they announced the temporary move.

  12. Any figures for the NPSL? I know the Chattanooga team averages about 4,000 and my local team, Rocket City United averages nearly 1,000. I’d be interested in seeing how NPSL compares to the PDL in attendance, since both leagues are amateur developmental leagues.

  13. You are not the first to ask, Ryan. See the last discussion on this here.

  14. Thanks to Steve Goff for the link. :)

  15. Depending on how much free time you have it might not be worth the work, but percent-of-capacity would be interesting. Thinking for example, of the Wizards compared to the Revs.

  16. If I could get a legit capacity number for all the stadiums, I would.

    Thing about it is – in the early days, MLS teams played in a lot of downsized NFL stadiums. So, do you use the capacity the NFL team uses (the Jets and Giants used to – I think – list different capacities for the same stadium) or do you use the “downsized” capacity (which MLS used to list)? And what about when they open up the upper deck (expanding the capacity), like would happen in New England occasionally?

    I just didn’t want to do the work to figure out percent of capacity when not every stadium has had a consistent capacity figure, either over time or (sometimes) over the course of a season.

    If someone wants to give me the actual, listed, official capacity of each MLS stadium, I’ll gladly give it a shot, but it would be for demonstration purposes only. At some point, every MLS stadium is going to be between 16,000 and 30,000 in capacity.

  17. Dear Ken,

    Thought you might be interested in Chattanooga F.C.’s attendance for their last home game of the season;


    The source link is:-

    Okay, it’s the last home game for the trop-drawing team in its league that’s also going straight into the playoffs; all the fans, even the most casual, will want to be there for the send-off party. However, a little context would be useful; there are League II (old Division IV) and even League I teams in the English pyramid that would be very satisfied with an end-of-season home attendance like this. As for the League of Ireland or Scottish First Division . . .

    Football lovers in (North) America always fret about their sport being Platini’s “weak sprout” always struggling for sunlight and oxygen aginst the “Sequoias” of NFl, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, etc. All of which is true. Nonetheless, if a second-season team that operates out of a high-school stadium offering fourth (maybe even fifth) division amateur football in a league that itself struggles for sunlight and oxygen within American soccer can draw these numbers, what is the rest of American pro & semi-pro soccer not doing that they are?

  18. Not lying?

    (That’s a joke, I’m kidding.)

    It’s definitely an outlier and all outliers beg explanation.

    If, as some have said, Chattanooga FC (puh-LEEZ) is drawing over 4,000 a night, that’s definitely out of the norm. So there has to be a reason for it.

    There’s only half a million people in the metro, right? 4,000 a night would be Seattle-like numbers based on population.

    If 600 people went to the final in Alabama, that’s a sign of tremendous support (it’s one thing to go to home games, it’s another to travel).

    Chattanooga had a PDL/D3 team from 92-97. The Express drew 151 people a game in 1996 and 69 per game in 1997. It’s not at all surprising that would be the death of them, but, really? The market has changed that much since then?

    Someone playing in a high school football stadium in a DMA of a half-million people with amateur players drawing 4 or 5k a night…well, I’ll tell you how I would look at that, barring a real good explanation: the same way I’d look at somebody who hit 83 home runs for the Houston Astros next year.

  19. ” Speaking of WPS, The Stadium That Is Going To Change Women’s Soccer is right there in the middle of the pack.” Ok, I’m mathmatically challenged. I know 8/2=4 but with Athletica gone I’m assuming that you are talking about Atlanta. I’ve been to a Sky Blue home game and believe that they have a very nice facility but not one that is going to change the game. Would you care to expand on this statement? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the subject!

  20. Yes, I’m talking about Atlanta. I wish I could find the tweet from whoever it was who said Atlanta’s stadium was going to “change women’s soccer.” It’s not. It wasn’t going to. It didn’t. It hasn’t. It won’t. It was a ludicrous statement.

  21. “…well, I’ll tell you how I would look at that, barring a real good explanation: the same way I’d look at somebody who hit 83 home runs for the Houston Astros next year.”

    Er, not sure I understood the analogy. I’m European you see (grovel, grovel!!).

    Anyway, their website says 600 made the trip to the playoffs. A local paper said “over 500.”

    From what I can gather, they’re run by a bunch of local football enthusiats who are also members of the local good food/brewpub scene – useful for sponsorship, promotion, generating a buzz and making game days interesting for reasons other than football.

    Also, their tickets are rock bottom (iirc under 5s free, $5 for under-12s, $10 dor adults). Oh, and they sell beer – real beer – at games!

  22. Okay, Roan, I’ll put it to you this way – if a cricket batsman averaged 175 runs, that would make you scratch your head, because it’s such an outlier, right?

    Or, let’s say you hear about someone in the Bluesquare Premier who scored, say, 30 goals in 36 matches. That would be a lot, but it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented, right? You could kinda wrap your head around that, couldn’t you?

    But if I told you a player in the Bluesquare Premier had scored 200 goals in 36 matches, you’d think it was a misprint, or he was playing against 9 year olds or something, right? It’s just too much to comprehend.

    That level of play with that level of funding in that small a market in that league in that part of the country averaging a legitimate 4,000+ paid per game would be like a basketball player averaging 82 points per game or a cricket bowler with 48,000 overs or something.


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