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Our Situation Has Not Improved

You may member an indoor soccer team called the Phoenix Monsoon (the one that listed me as its play-by-play announcer despite not actually, you know, consummating a deal with me). This was its maiden season in the PASL, and they had big plans for it. Well, the original owner was out before Christmas and the new owners have changed the name of the team to the Arizona Storm.

The above is what you see when you go to the team’s new website. So, yeah.

“Storm” may be the single most-used name for a soccer team ever. Just off the top of my head, I remember the St. Louis Storm, the Memphis Storm, the Chicago Storm and now the Arizona Storm indoors and the New Orleans Storm, Seattle Storm and Sacramento Storm outdoors. I’m sure there have been others.

Oh, and after winning their first game ever, they’ve lost their last nine and are now on their third home field since Halloween. Surely, things are trending upward.

EDIT: They’ve now noticed their typo.

6 Responses to Our Situation Has Not Improved

  1. But you still get that preseason tournament thing with Tucson.

    But honestly, that kinda sucks. What was the guy’s name, Stu Starkey?
    With the change in ownership do the feel good sponsorship deals and booster club and affiliation with Pachuca go out the window? Not that they mattered much at all.

  2. Tucson is two hours away, obviously. I’m only going down there if I’m getting paid to broadcast games.

    Yes, Stu Starkey was the guy. I don’t think he realized how expensive this is to do.

    I think the Pachuca thing was vaporware. We’ll see how people take it from here.

  3. How could you possibly forget the New Mexico Storm (2004-05) of the AISL? (Joke)

  4. I found out that, according to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the address of Arizona Storm Football Club LLC is the same as the Phoenix Sports Centre / Soccer Locker. Do they own the team now?

  5. Possibly. I’m told now that what was the Monsoon plans to play outdoors in the NPSL this summer, despite having no coach, players or venue. Other than that, they’re on it.

  6. There was also the Buffalo Storm, a one and done outdoor team back in the old USL (84ish I believe).

    I see they have an actual website now (sort of). Cool background, but perhaps something that actually reminds one of Soccer or the team would have been more appropriate maybe?


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