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Sometimes A Fantasy…

So the NFL season began last night with the Cowboys beating the Giants, 24-17, but the top story on this morning is about signing up for Fantasy Football.

Again, my annual public service announcement: fantasy football isn’t football. It’s fucking algebra.

3 Responses to Sometimes A Fantasy…

  1. The thing is, I *like* algebra; I’ve been a numbers nut my whole life. (Still, I haven’t played fantasy football in years.)

    • That’s fine. My son is a math whiz, too.

      My problem is these would-be-Belichicks who don’t ever have to make a decision that an actual football coach/GM has to make. “Gee, should I take Manning or Brady? Hmmmm, can’t decide, can’t decide.”

  2. Fantasy football is the D & D for jocks.


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