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Taking Attendance: Final DII and DIII Numbers for 2012

With the end of the second official season of the new North American Soccer League, we can (almost) close the book on the Division II and Division III attendance figures for the 2012 campaign. Here are the unofficial numbers as I have them*:

Team G Total Avg Med High Low
San Antonio 14 128,458 9,176 8,877 13,151 7,007
Atlanta 14 63,064 4,505 4,806 6,000 2,357
Carolina 14 54,363 3,883 3,584 7,310 2,580
Ft. Lauderdale 14 50,610 3,615 3,262 5,629 2,404
Tampa Bay 14 43,620 3,116 3,139 4,710 2,194
Minnesota 14 39,148 2,796 2,282 8,693 1,402
Puerto Rico 14 26,101 1,864 1,439 7,192 520
Edmonton 14 20,888 1,492 1,475 2,521 1,120
NASL TOTAL 112 426,252 3,806 3,154 13,151 520
Team G Total Avg Med High Low
Orlando 12 79,246 6,604 6,772 8,932 3,506
Rochester 12 75,216 6,268 6,164 7,959 4,653
Wilmington 12 51,183 4,265 4,254 5,382 2,482
Charleston 12 47,359 3,947 3,982 4,782 2,983
Richmond 12 28,550 2,379 2,233 5,009 1,424
Harrisburg 12 17,418 1,452 1,540 1,958 355
Pittsburgh 12 11,810 984 936 2,023 532
Antigua 10 8,181 818 800 1,800 381
Charlotte 11 8,787 799 693 1,447 522
Dayton 12 8,703 725 800 1,024 367
Los Angeles 11 7,329 666 365 2,432 134
USL PRO TOTAL 128 343,782 2,686 1,623 8,932 134

As you can no doubt see, I’m missing a few numbers from USL Pro. A handful of games didn’t have reported attendance figures. It happens.

A few other notes:

  • San Antonio became only the fourth lower-level team to average 9,000 or more for a season (the others were Rochester, Montreal and Portland). The Scorpions did tail off a bit after the initial burst, as they averaged 8,541 for the second half of their home schedule after averaging 9,810 for the first half. Still, a tremendous showing.
  • Even with San Antonio’s numbers coming in about 20% under those of Montreal (whose slot they took in the league this year), NASL attendance was steady, just under one percent higher than a year ago. Minnesota (helped largely by a big crowd for their Metrodome opener) was up 67%, with Atlanta up 57%. Carolina’s comeback from the dead continued as they were up 16% from a year ago, and drew a club-record (for a league match) 7,310 for their home finale. Tampa Bay was up just under 4%. Puerto Rico’s sixth consecutive year of average attendance decline was largely (but not exclusively) caused by its temporary home while Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium was renovated, but they didn’t draw that well after moving back home (1,893 for four games). And Edmonton, which sorely needs an adequate facility, was off 18% from last year’s (already low) numbers.
  • Coming off a stellar freshman campaign, Orlando City bettered its 2011 numbers by some 22%, breaking its own DIII record by averaging 6,604 per game. Rochester was also up 22% (or so they say), while Richmond was up 20%. Los Angeles was a big gainer as well (up 45% with a game missing), but going up to 666 a game…well, I’m sorry, that’s not nearly enough. I’d be surprised to see the Blues return, as I would to see Antigua return now that they’re out of World Cup qualifying and their government has no real impetus to continue to support them.
  • USL Pro finished at 2,686 for an average (give or take…the four missing games surely would bring that average down) that is a Division III all-time high, better last year’s 2,261. Even if you zero out all four data points I don’t have, it’s still 2,604.
  • Saturdays were the best days for attendance for both leagues, with the NASL getting 4,030 a game and USL Pro 3,364.
  • Without their bellwether teams (San Antonio and Orlando, respectively), the NASL averaged 3,038 per game, USL Pro 2,280.

This is just about the last thing I’m going to have to say about soccer for a while. The game and I have decided to take a break (well, it’s been telling me to get out for a while now, I’m finally listening). So I wouldn’t expect to read much more from me on topics like this one for a while, if ever again.

*The NASL’s numbers disagree with mine slightly on Ft. Lauderdale and Edmonton. Anybody who wants to point out the discrepancies, please do so. I like being thorough. (EDIT: We’ve found the Ft. Lauderdale problem, but we’re still off a bit on Edmonton.)

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  1. So, does this mean the podcast is as good as dead too? Thanks for all the years of work and effort you put into the attendance lists and for the thoughts about soccer, Americans in soccer, and soccer in America.

  2. Thanks, but Jesucristo, the podcast was dead THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

  3. You had a podcast? Well, damn.

    In any case, it’s been a pleasure reading your blog (even the non-soccer stuff). The historical work (stats and stories) on indoor soccer has been fascinating to read. Much, much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for the effort you’ve put in and all the “stuff only you care about” that think a bunch of other people have enjoyed reading.

    Has it really been three and a half years? I guess I should finally accept that you and Loney aren’t going to resurrect four at the back.

    • We are not. There’s no money in it.

  5. Thanks for your contributions to the game over the years, and your fabulously entertaining thoughts here on soccer and whatever else you ended up posting. I’ll miss this connection to you.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re stepping back. I’ve enjoyed your stuff over the years. Even my wife enjoyed the one year you did American Idol reviews/analysis. Now, who is going to point out the inadequacies of others?

  7. Kenn you’ve done a great service to the game. So thanks.

  8. Thanks a ton, both for the arduous work of statistical compilation and for the commentary.


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