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Congratulations To Jay….Gurden?

Nicely done by Washington’s NFL team on their own website:


So when who I can only presume is Jay Gruden is announced this afternoon as the new head coach of the team, it’ll shift the list of the 100 NFL Head Coaching Hires I talked about the other day.

So with Gruden’s hiring (he was Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator), 65 of the last 100 NFL head coaching hires have been NFL assistant coaches (17 promoted from within). The average age of the last 100 has been 48.76, and the median age has been right on 48. (They’re getting slightly younger – the last 50 averaged 48.04 as of their date of hire, the previous 50 were about a year and a half older.)

60 of the last 100 have been fired, and in an average of 3.49 years. The trigger is getting quicker, too. The most recent 30 firings happened in an average of just 2.8 years, while the previous 30 lasted 4.1 years.

These numbers will shift a bit again when the last few remaining openings are filled, but the takeaways are these: Being an NFL assistant coach is far and away the number one way to become an NFL head coach and you’d better win pretty quickly because owners have little patience.

One Response to Congratulations To Jay….Gurden?

  1. If writing “Washington’s NFL team” was a purposeful non use of their nickname, then I applaud you.


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